A method for improving the conversion rate of Taobao based on baby description

on the Internet have studied how to improve the conversion rate of Taobao problems and analysis of a lot of Taobao master, they are very detailed and thorough analysis, practicality is very strong, the author is not based on the master on the false comment. However, some businesses are still confused in the sales volume is not as good as their competitors, the conversion rate has not reached their desired results. Therefore, I believe that Taobao businesses can also increase the conversion rate on the basis of the existing limits. Next, the author of this issue, combined with their actual operating experience, talk about their own experience.

said yes, the competitors, once half a year ago in a business Pu’er Tea e-commerce company, is a Taobao mall, credit is not a problem, the biggest worry is that the sales manager can always keep up with their competitors (which is specific and which Pu’er Tea company, in which the author don’t explain, hope you understand). Then as you like, the author through the analysis and research, put forward the improvement plan in the next is needless to say, we take the hint. Nonsense not say, get to the point, the author does not want to tell you this, but this scheme optimization method description. Fishing for fish.


method can be summarized into two kinds: one, contrast method; two.

1, comparison method. As we all know, there is a saying that "success can be replicated". This store I work collectively referred to as the rival A shop, B shop, two Pu’er Tea mall, by contrast, baby description template has the very big difference (should give us screenshots as evidence, but the picture has not, it is regrettable):A shop baby description template for Pu’er Tea physical details the soup color pictures and pictures; B is not only a physical store, soup color pictures, but also with detailed persuasive text and so on. The results have been compared, the next is to learn from the description of the B shop, combined with the reality of the A shop to optimize their own description template. I do not have to say, we also understand this idea.

two, empathy. How to change the law? Of course not rivals transpositions, and consumers are transposed, do Pu’er Tea products, businesses are very clear mind product positioning target people what their own, is the business to do, see themselves as these people to see themselves this tea shop, then as your own consumers, imagine you on the tea is most interested in what? What would you want to know what to buy this kind of tea? What will make you have a desire to buy a series of problems?. The problem arises, as a businessman, you should know how to combine the characteristics of the product (advantages, selling points, quality, etc.) to cater to consumers. Businesses can be described in the form of text, of course, there are many ways, such as audio, video, etc..

transposition method combined with contrast method, so that not only successfully copied the B shop mode, and in the B shop >

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