Let cross border electricity supplier into a new engine of foreign trade growth

in the foreign trade slowdown in the background, the cross-border electricity supplier in recent years has become a new driving force for the current A new force suddenly rises., driving the growth of foreign trade, especially with the consumer demand for online shopping imports soaring, cross-border electricity will continue to enhance the share of imports.

third party e-commerce research institutions Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center recently released "2014 annual Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that in 2014 Chinese cross-border electricity trading volume of about 4 trillion and 200 billion, an increase of 33.3%, of which exports accounted for about 85.4%, imports accounted for about 14.6%. As the foreign trade import and export a new growth point, the state and local government introduced a series of specific cross-border clearance, inspection, tax, exchange and other regulatory policies, logistics and payment and other financial services supporting policies in recent years, and actively promote the healthy and orderly development of cross-border electricity industry.

the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, the main driving force of growth in cross-border electricity policy intensive introduction, many traditional companies began to enter the field of cross-border electricity supplier has been the traditional enterprise value, has become an important choice for the development of traditional enterprises. From 2014, the import and export of cross-border electricity supplier structure, the current export still occupy a major share of cross-border electricity supplier imports is still in its infancy.

with the domestic market demand for overseas goods surge, the next few years is expected to account for the proportion of cross-border electricity supplier imports will continue to improve. However, due to the greater impact of cross-border electricity supplier imports by the national policy, so the proportion of cross-border electricity supplier imports will remain relatively stable and slow to upgrade. Last year, China’s Internet users cross-border online shopping penetration of nearly 10%, is expected to 2017 is expected to increase to 25%, and then reaching saturation, the growth rate slowed down, and the overall online shopping market will or will increase.

since 2014, the import of cross-border electricity supplier has become a major investment in the domestic Internet industry hot spots, Alibaba, Jingdong, shop No. 1, Amazon and other electricity providers have plans to import cross-border electricity supplier business. At the same time, foreign terminals, honey bud baby, sea honey and other cross-border electricity supplier sites have announced a huge amount of financing news. Known as the "blue ocean" in the current market imports of cross-border electricity, all capital are competing to enter, then there will be more enterprises to join the cross-border competition, is expected in 2015 is expected to set off a new round of cross-border electricity supplier industry financing tide.

with the major electricity supplier giants compete and promote a new round of financing, cross-border competition in the electricity supplier industry will also become more intense competition. Not long ago, a number of domestic cross-border electricity supplier website launched a round of price war, hoping to increase the market price strategy to shuffle. Price war is one of the most obvious way to provoke the market reshuffle, this year or will become the year of cross-border electricity supplier reshuffle.

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