CCES express and self help 170 million debt base

on the morning of July 2nd, hundreds of people gathered in Shanghai, freight drivers CCES Express Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CCES") headquarters, a cable to the arrears. This reporter went to the headquarters of the CCES that can accommodate hundreds of people in the headquarters office has no office, Minhang District Huacao Town, the labor department has been involved in the investigation.

shut down for 5 days, do not know when to resume operations, do not know whether it has been paralyzed until the collapse." CCES several middle managers to the reporter, the entire company network has collapsed, many outlets shut down, a large number of express objects outage. In the occasion of the 400 company of vital importance, the site is to start self-help, each site chipped in 10 thousand to 50 thousand. However, these funds for CCES debt is an utterly inadequate measure.

CCES franchisee, Shanghai, Zuo Xiurong, head of the center of the Meilong branch told this reporter that since 2010, the company has been operating downhill, several times facing the collapse of the crisis. In 2011 the Thai Group Chairman and chief CCES Fang Liyuan led the change to join direct mode after the failure of a number of company executives, the company falls into the financial crisis.

in mid June this year, President Xu Jianrong, Huitong Huitong express Guangdong area general manager Jiang Xiaogen and Fang Li Yuan to discuss cooperation, and to a 200 million stake in the acquisition of CCES. However, jiangxiaogen 10 team assigned to CCES headquarters 8 days and pay 26 million after the sudden withdrawal of all. Jiang Xiaogen said to the outside world, Fang Yuan intends to conceal the company’s debt billion.

CCES this race with the death of self rescue success, is still a mystery. At the moment, Fang Liyuan at the helm in Zhejiang emergency financing, and Yuan Tai Group’s real estate industry is tight money, "playing 22% off is still no one to buy real estate".

to save

in the afternoon of July 1st, with the high temperature of the 35° in Shanghai, C, Chen Chunfang and his father came to the University of Minhang Industrial Park CCES express headquarters office. A college student in Hubei Qianjiang Chen Chunfang, this year will be graduated from computer supplies played three parcels through the CCES express to Shanghai, found only received two packages, and the package has not arrived at the computer.

Chen Chunfang’s encounter is not a case. CCES internal staff confirmed to this reporter, in fact, due to the arrears of freight drivers up to 40 million of the purchase price, the truck driver has been around for half a month, resulting in the object can not be served.

addition, due to the CCES Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui and other employees owed more than 4 months of wages, since June 29th has been in a shutdown state, the entire operating network paralysis. In Zhejiang alone, the number of stacked courier items reached 6000.

addition, the landlord began to urge debt. In June 28th, the landlord Ming Kun metal tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. posted a notice that CCES’s rent has been

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