Tomorrow double 11 prosecutors exposing online scam

hired someone posing as business platform customer service staff, buy online shopping customer personal information…… A name to promote, sell cheap "authentic cosmetics", a total of 129 people cheated for Gospel truth. Recently, a suspicion of infringement of personal information of citizens of crime, fraud was prosecuted Fangshan procuratorate.

"double 11 Shopping Festival approaching, the reporter interviewed by the procuratorial organs, combined with some recent cases, consumers online shopping consumer alert, a prosecutor handling the case on how the consumer rights issue weapon suggestions.

A case of

selling hundreds of people posing as a customer service call


hired man off a 7 operator, as companies such as customer service, call the phone number in the online purchase, selling fake brand-name cosmetics in the promotion on the grounds, defrauding 129 victims of more than 20 yuan. An attendant was found after resignation and alarm. Recently, the Fangshan Procuratorate on suspicion of infringement of personal information of citizens, the crime of fraud on a prosecution.

35 year old Sichuan man surnamed Guan, unemployed after Beijing, nothing he heard someone on the Internet to buy customer information, telephone selling health products to profit, and decided to follow.

in January 2014, closed in Fangshan District rented an office, from the use of illegal online purchase customer information through the recruitment, hiring Dongmou 7 people as operator, posing as business platform customer service call, said the company’s promotion, the original price 1280 yuan L’OREAL cosmetics 5 piece set price as long as 498 yuan or 500 yuan, and donated 500 yuan worth of prepaid phone card.

after defrauding the victim’s trust, a woman on the QQ to contact a certain understanding of the Shaw, by providing counterfeit L’OREAL cosmetics, by way of delivery by courier, sent to the victim. After the completion of the transaction, and his own 46. After the incident, the police did not find the woman surnamed xiao.

at the end of November 2014, the woman Tang became the operator. Tang soon found the problem, the resignation of the seventh day of work and alarm.

after the police investigation found that many of the victims said that the goods purchased from the packaging to distinguish the authenticity, used for a period of time, it was discovered that the effect is not good.

as of the time of the incident, the closure of a total of 129 victims to defraud more than 20 yuan. Excluding rent, operator wages, a total profit of 6 yuan.

according to a confession, he passed a QQ group, to 0.3 yuan to $0.5 per price, after another to buy 25 thousand online shopping customer information. In addition, he also purchased online called "text training materials, the word" material to the formatting language teaching, call customer service skills, and what problems how to answer, how to win the trust of each other.

in November 2nd this year, Fangshan Procuratorate on suspicion of infringement of personal information of citizens, the crime of fraud

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