Community electricity supplier war from day to night

recent electricity supplier in the field of booming capital operation is very frequent, Suning, the Jingdong investment Alibaba shares Yonghui supermarket, originally life network also announced its entry into the high-profile O2O field. With this lively scene contrast, O2O community business platform, leading to love fresh bee "and no promotion conference and put up a pageantry has quietly launched, but the" late "service. Open the love of fresh bee APP can be found in "summer food stalls – Lo buy a gift of a" business to 24 eye-catching label. It is understood that the activities of the line has been a long time, the night with coverage in Beijing, mainly for a variety of commodity characteristics required for snack lo.

look at the O2O community electricity supplier, the platform for one hour, two hours of service delivery services, mainly in the daytime, night with little has been involved. In fact, the night of the distribution market demand has been there, such as young people at night to watch while wine and dine at home; or white-collar overtime into the night, and have no time to eat supper downstairs; or just greedy and do not want to go out, "who will solve their needs? Who will fill the market vacancy love?" Xianfeng market official said.

it is reported that few O2O community business platform provides late night service, because it is a market segment, the cost is too high. Through to understand that even with this kind of service is mostly in the region, as far as possible to reduce the cost of operations, such as fight bean supper business only at night, and send the amount of 80 yuan; another APP "night" is only "about", does not provide "home delivery distribution;" although the delivery to the last 11 points, but still owe extensive coverage.

fact, night delivery is an urgent demand for personalized, market segments, love the night with fresh bee starting from season LO products, Business Hours will extend to 12 pm, 50 yuan in the future will be sent, whether the night with fixed into a regular service, expand the distribution of merchandise category, expand service love City, Xianfeng did not disclose too much information, but stressed that "all the needs of users, we provide".

insiders believe that the launch of the "late" means love fresh bee force truly improve the "last mile" — the Internet community chiefs have to end, the electricity supplier in the field of capital intensive, and the love of fresh bee bold attack, active in the night with the market, relying on its special and powerful "community shop to join using the model," an inch of nearly an inch of gold "and high coverage, high speed distribution advantages to further stabilize the user, intended to consolidate and expand the leading position in current.


analysis pointed out that compared to Jingdong, 001 home community and other competitors, unique mode of cooperation and love fresh bee "community store" model has shown advantages, "originally convenience" and "family" and other convenience store cooperation in order to quickly enter the market, the need for new point of force in competition.

and deeper reasons may lie in, after the love bee has completed B round of financing, valuation of $300 million, this

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