WeChat 5 4 almost no moving distance business electricity supplier in the road is still a long way t

WeChat 5.4 release, from the information flow aspects of the search function, to build WeChat as the information center page. The electricity supplier in the field continue to force, launched face money business, expand the use range of WeChat wallet and situation, a friend asked the author whether WeChat can explain in terms of mobile providers have made the initiative, but I still think that the WeChat 5.4 mobile providers from a long way to go.

a few days ago to Qingdao, found that Qingdao Mandaijie guest friends supermarket launched almost all Alipay customers to pay two-dimensional code, scan two-dimensional code shopping amount, pay directly pay the taxi drivers in Beijing also have Alipay to pay two-dimensional code, the customer is to buy single scan code. So, both sides to avoid counterfeit money, the change from the usual no problem, naturally good user experience.

the above example is not want to introduce Alipay apps, but would like to remind WeChat: WeChat wallet using scene non friends collection, more is the line of shops use.

O2O focus on the line, this has become a consensus. WeChat has been eager to enter the field of O2O, but now it seems that the Jingdong or dianping.com are not worth mentioning, that is the O2O project, WeChat is still in the mobile terminal in the traditional PC business that is platform strategy. WeChat has been able to dream of becoming a big platform for the electricity supplier, which apparently did not expand the line to expand the strategic level of resources.

has a friend said WeChat also do the line, such as to encourage businesses to paste the two-dimensional code WeChat, WeChat mall to encourage the transaction, etc.. But with the iron brother and traditional sales business contacts, increasingly find the crux of the problem, namely the line shop for users to import line is almost hostile, even if the boss pushing the regional manager of the line, even the electricity supplier will be very inconsistent, after all users import online is undoubtedly in the grab line jobs.

and based on this, WeChat’s O2O progress is extremely slow, online and offline can not enjoy the joy of growth, can not play together to fight. Therefore, WeChat has strongly encouraged the progress of the WeChat mall has been slow, especially in large enterprises almost no success stories, and some of the early stage of the business is not under the vested interests of small businesses but a lot of cases.

the payment tools upgrade also cannot ascend the line shop will be active initiative to online users diversion, so it can really improve the face pay WeChat business ecology still have a big question mark.

WeChat how to truly realize the electricity supplier, iron brother believes that the following three aspects are particularly important:

one: abandon the online platform to do the electricity supplier thinking intermediate page

WeChat has also wanted to rely on massive users to become a business platform, iron brother can only say that the name of the QQ era to do the user did not get up, then do not use the platform to do WeChat. The reason is that the user’s attention has been seriously dispersed in the mobile era, in addition to the electricity supplier platform to be affected by the impact of several big companies, but also to face the brand independent electricity supplier

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