Statistics show explosive growth in the number of nternet domain names in China

news agency, July eighteen Beijing Xinhua (reporter Weng Yang Liu Yuying) from two to 00 in six years to the end of June this year a year, the number of Internet domain Chinese explosion domain total to nine million one hundred and eighty thousand, an increase of nearly four point two times.


known as the national Internet development foundation and the safeguard of national top domain, has great significance for promoting national Internet development and maintenance of national Internet information security. At present China per million people have seventy names, several times faster than twenty-two two 00 domain in June six.

Apart from the

domain, the other major resources on the basis of China Internet is also growing rapidly in this year, Chinese users of the network environment has been further improved. Such as Ipv4 (Internet Protocol version fourth) address reached 118000000, an increase of nearly forty percent; the number of sites reached one million three hundred and ten thousand, an increase of sixty-six percent; total exports international bandwidth reached three hundred and twelve thousand three hundred and forty-six Mbps, increased by forty-six percent.

concern is, in view of the global only eight hundred million IPv4 addresses available for distribution, according to the current address allocation schedule, is expected to two 00 nine to two 0 one or two years, the global IPv4 addresses will be exhausted, so that all countries in the world attach great importance to IPv6 (Internet Protocol version sixth) on site. The report revealed that the IPv6 address allocation are mainly concentrated in the developed countries of Germany, France, Japan, South Korea and other hands, Chinese IPv6 address assignment is still in its infancy, mainland IPv6 address has ranked fifteenth in the world, far less than the amount of third of the global IPv4 address.

it is known that the existing Internet is running on the basis of IPv4, IPv4 uses thirty-two bit address length, only about four billion and three hundred million addresses. IPv6 is a new generation of internet protocol, using one hundred and twenty-eight bit address length, almost unlimited address, the equivalent of the earth per square meter area can be assigned to more than 1 thousand addresses.

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