Honey bud CFO Sun Wei we are not just online electricity supplier

honey bud CFO Sun Wei

by investing in venture capital to participate in entrepreneurial honey bud, my shift from the confidence in the vertical field opportunities.

Alibaba, the Jingdong and the business platform has a very large amount, but the vertical segments of the category vip.com can still survive very well, even to be listed, it is because of the large business platform is covered with a broad spectrum of people, in large part is inevitable under the platform user needs not to be concerned about. But the platform has no incentive pay extra to dig a very deep vertical needs of people.

So the

platform in front of the faster, more people to cover a broad spectrum, vertical class electricity supplier to do in depth the greater the chance, and sub categories of users demand space is very large, so there will be a new business model, I think the most basic reason for this is the presence of vertical class electricity supplier.

there is a market demand is one thing, can do is another matter. The field of vertical segments opportunity is obvious to people, so there is no shortage of companions, but quitting, the winner must more than "yong".

Matthew effect

first, the electricity supplier in terms of electricity is more important: can not get the money earlier than competitors, get more money is a very important factor. Honey bud walked up to now, I think the rhythm of financing is still good: a year and a half of the four round of financing, basically in the vertical field of mother and child can do the fastest financing, and the largest financing.

founder Liu Nan background attracted early investors, when she had to do the Taobao store only diapers, and do the whole network best, which stems from her to the entire international trade supply chain knowledge and grasp, never burn. It is in the supply chain to maximize the efficiency of control and user efficiency of the accumulation, so that the honey bud in attracting capital accounted for the opportunity.

when I joined the company has just got B round of investment from Sequoia $20 million, I quickly became the lead after the introduction of the third round of $60 million financing and the fourth round of $150 million financing.

capital will always follow the Matthew effect, it is always the focus to the top, who runs faster, who has the ability to focus on resources, is a strong constant principle. From the financing point of view, we are indeed in the forefront.

financial advantage is the initiative, but in the enterprise has been to "run fast" to rely on the strength of after getting investment, honey bud always focus on the money invested in the construction of the supply chain, warehousing construction, personnel construction, which is one of the most fundamental reason has "run fast".

supply chain construction of a large amount of investment so that the entire cost structure of the honey bud is very efficient, the cost is the best, so the best in the supply chain optimization to the last, but also the greatest benefit. For example, with a single product price competition, we can achieve the same price level we do not lose people lose, thanks to more than others we lose less, in this.

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