Talk about my confusing blog domain

I saw many webmaster

domain name is shaking his head: a too long to remember; the two is too complicated, unintelligible. There are also a number of webmasters recommended for a domain name, short, with the popular keywords, and there are a few owners are recommended to me, so good domain name, no one registered, they want to register, is not necessary.

thank you for your attention to my domain name. To tell the truth, he is a domain name registered blog racke, spent all his mind, want to own the first building blog do like a decent model, regardless of the domain name to the space, or template any details, all want to make it a good classic.

the first step is to register the domain name. The initial position of my blog is to do a website to build learning content, of course, this position is too wide a point, the content of the site construction is more, but not necessarily every aspect to learn. Later in the construction of this blog and the actual study, the site’s promotion and construction is almost equally important, so in the blog to add a promotion optimization, I am also in the groping forward.

registered domain name before their first is the international domain name, which may be beneficial for the weight of the search engine. .com is a good suffix for the domain name is now very rare, not to mention the four letters of the domain name is not registered, that is, some of the good combination of letters in the domain name is also difficult to register. I want to register a domain name is a combination of English "website construction of learners" meaning, a lot of people are available, the registered.

"site" in English there are probably two: website, web, the two words and learner, (learners) to form a combination of.Com domain name suffix, or not registered. Then, taking a long time to remember the indistinct website shorthand is WS, but I’m not sure, so know in Baidu search for the determination of website, – WS, fortunately, the domain name has not been registered. this domain name is a combination of two English words into the international domain name, I was able to register to the meaning of the original purpose of their own domain name is very happy. Of course, this domain does not necessarily see the meaning of it, but their satisfaction, which is the most important.

things always have a process of understanding, I believe that, in the future, more and more people will know the meaning of my domain name in English words. At the same time, I think it is not possible to register a good domain name, as long as we go to study, think more, a good domain name or some.

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