Transformation of B2B e commerce in the future where


at the present stage, whether large or medium-sized B2B B2B integrated service platform service platform, the most mature profit model is the membership fee, according to the different service platform for different levels of membership, received varying amounts of membership fee as a service fee. Due to the current service platform has not really involved in the transaction process, the operation of the commission charged by the transaction is not suitable for the status quo of China’s B2B services.

With the gradual subdivision of e-commerce services, B2B

services platform is also seeking a number of micro market alliance, to a large comprehensive information services. For service providers, all roads lead to Rome, the ultimate goal is to provide customers with the most comprehensive and most intimate services, to help customers realize the value of their own value.

The future of

B2B e-commerce services will be widely and deeply, whether large or medium-sized B2B integrated service platform B2B platform, as long as it has defined its direction, set the appropriate position, can get their own piece of small share in the e-commerce market is huge, by capturing a competitor’s market the share could live far from the arrival times, more cooperation than competition will be the main theme of the next few years B2B e-commerce service market. According to Xiao Bian learned, China business network (also called China trade network) to better solve the enterprise demand for B2B trading platform, to realize the transformation of O2O type. Since 2006, the company has focused on providing B2B e-commerce platform, B2B trading system product development, combined with the promotion of online and offline, in order to promote more enterprises to bring more convenient services.

According to the

China business network services five hundred enterprise information promotion center responsible person: with the rapid development of electronic commerce, Alibaba, HC and other general information platform no longer meet the requirements of enterprise development, more and more enterprises to meet the requirements of their own development B2B trading platform, open up the enterprise supply chain, the initial internal preparation to set up their own development team, after a friend, registered in the China business network to become a member, they all taste, comfortable, and service is very comprehensive, and now they are more focused on platform operation and internal management of enterprises, also thank you for speeding up the enterprise in the field of electronic commerce in the development of electronic commerce trade network, Zhao Mr. B2B said, for the development of e-commerce in the future, Mr. Zhao is very optimistic. China business network senior business manager Mr. Ho said that the future Chinese B2B e-commerce will gradually change from marketing services to transaction services, China B2B e-commerce industry will usher in a new development opportunity. He is very confident about it. As the leading B2B service provider, China business network will do the first.

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