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[Abstract] in Liu Qiangdong opinion, if the electricity supplier to ensure the quality of China’s real economy will have a good role in promoting.


Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on December 19th

During the period of

to participate in the second world Internet Conference in Wuzhen, said the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong told the Tencent of science and technology and other media interview, if the electricity supplier can eliminate fake, intellectual property protection, not only the impact of the real economy, it will promote the development of the real economy.

When it comes to the

in the world Internet Conference summit in Wuzhen hope the message, Liu Qiangdong said that in the past the Internet industry with a combination of traditional industries and is not very close, sometimes even conflict and interests, hope for the future of the Internet industry and traditional industry from the interest contradiction becomes a community of interests, "only the traditional manufacturing well, we (Internet) is good, we are good, can also promote the development of traditional manufacturing."

Liu Qiangdong said: China made into a Chinese brand, and then export. Before we export manufactured goods, to help others foundry, the next should be exported to allow foreigners to enjoy high-quality brands in china."

electricity supplier to ensure quality, will promote the real economy

in the past there is a view that the electricity supplier impact on China’s real economy, in Liu Qiangdong seems, if the electricity supplier to ensure the quality of China’s real economy will have a good role in promoting.

Liu Qiangdong cited two positive and negative examples to illustrate:

is the first large household electrical appliance industry, Jingdong in 2009 to enter the large household electrical appliance industry, 6 years since the whole of China’s electricity industry, the net interest rate has been growing, while Jingdong’s market share has grown very fast. Therefore, the electricity supplier does not bring damage to the Chinese home appliance industry, household electrical appliance enterprises can make money, the brand can do, and even beat the brand of Japan and South korea.

counterexample is the clothing and footwear industry, this is the most serious domestic fake present category, this industry brand clothing shoes and hats China defeat across the board. The various brands are tens of thousands of stores are closed, a large drop in sales revenue, net profit to drop; but foreign clothing and shoes brand, all profits in the crazy shop, prices, sales soared.

Liu Qiangdong pointed out that the brand is not afraid of fraud, but a small factory and a lot of small workshops in rural areas particularly serious fraud. For the way out of these small workshops, he believes to be personalized brand management. "For example, specializing in the production of a ‘old shoes’ flagship handmade, high priced sales, although the annual sales volume is limited, but also can survive."

in Liu Qiangdong seems, electricity supplier homogeneity and intellectual property protection adverse impact, resulting in a lot of consequences. He said that as long as the protection of intellectual property rights, there is no fake industry, Chinese entrepreneurs are able to compete with foreign companies.

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