Eleven double curtain battles play online games hall Thanksgiving state help to send cash activities

2016 double eleven wars, Taobao Tmall to $120 billion 700 million transaction volume once again refresh the new Internet shopping. Similar story, in the field of Internet banking also staged. 15 November 11th 6, the Internet financial platform for the State Church in its "Fengqiang 11.11%, activities of interest to the peak, in a single day turnover exceeded one hundred million yuan of good results, set a new record for a single day turnover platform, won the praise of users and peer.

now, two more than eleven temperature is not reduced, the state will launch help hall team play the game to send cash, up again on Thanksgiving day. According to the state for the church’s official website, Thanksgiving activities with "thank you, warm in winter as the theme, through the slot machine extraction in the form of a cash award, in November 23rd -25, the three day centralized investment user feedback. During the event, the slot machine starts at 10:00 am and 15:00 pm every morning, each draw time is 30 minutes, the maximum reward of $99 in cash.

in addition, state help hall team also for the majority of users for 1888 yuan of "inclusive Thanksgiving envelopes", is convenient for users to use in regular and regular interest when investment C.


According to the

rules, to help the state lottery hall cash immediately to the account, the user can view on my account – account in the available balance ". If you have any questions, you can call customer service hotline 4009-088-988 or online consultation.

in front of the Internet only a short while ago, the financial market big cake, the main body of the market continue to pour into the traditional financial institutions, listed companies and industry giants and other parties through product innovation or inter agency cross-border cooperation, to seize the market, the state will help hall turned in such a fierce competition in the world and talent shows itself. Innovative Internet financial information service platform for Beijing purple leopard wealth network science and technology limited company launched, state help hall in the past eleven, platform transaction size has reached 3 billion 400 million.

now, the platform back just in eleven double action atmosphere, marketing competition and a series of thanksgiving. In this battle, who can give users the most benefits, who can get the most user feedback; who can give users a more professional service, who will be able to get the favor of users, to become the final winner.

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