W CN head into the O2O era of the electricity supplier

recently, W.CN ultra short domain name as a local people’s livelihood service O2O electricity supplier platform news in full swing, the word O2O once again become the focus of the industry insiders. Back in 2013 the Internet industry, whether it is the Wangfujing, intime, RT mart, Xujiahui mall and other offline retailers to play the O2O banner, or the Internet giant Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba started strong layout in the field of O2O, or mobile dianping.com, the U.S. group net O2O platform side views and sales sharply promotion, let people outside the industry feel the majestic momentum of an avalanche of O2O business platform.

wave of this wave of strong wave of electricity providers, which means that the value of the local life and its development prospects are getting more and more attention, but also marks the localization of O2O will become the next e-commerce gold. As Ma Yun, Li Kaifu, Ma Huateng and a number of well-known business people said, O2O very good prospects for future development; and in 2013, iResearch official issued "the future of e-commerce market in the fastest growing areas for mobile online shopping and O2O market, O2O will show explosive growth" report of leaving many electricity providers Fenshen into the blue ocean O2O.

on this phenomenon, W.CN electronic business platform that is the inevitable result of the development of mobile internet. At present, the scale of mobile Internet users accounted for more than 60% of the scale of the Internet, 2013 has more than 500 million people, is expected to 2015 the proportion will reach 91.38%, provides excellent user base of the development of the rapid growth of the market for O2O users. At the same time, business model business process in the rapid development of mobile Internet and the management behavior, consumer and lifestyle has also undergone reconstruction, consumer spending habits tend intelligent local life convenient, love at home to enjoy the line of life services. Based on this, O2O business platform provides real life related goods and services for users such as rain, the solution should be "close to" consumers are thirsty.

needs to determine market trends, based on this W.CN electronic business platform came into being. The local people’s livelihood service platform about 380 city this nationwide, by providing local recruitment, housing rental, second-hand car, second-hand housing, business yellow pages, Turisthotellet, catering and entertainment and other life service, every day from all over the country in response to a massive information service request. From which it can be seen directly, the core O2O model on the W.CN platform is localized, one is business localization, on the other hand the consumer groups are localized by actively promoting the city businesses online and offline integration, enhance the platform users (businesses and consumers two) the experience, the two local demand, which will the user’s life into intelligent fast "smart city" track.

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O2O high in the industry calls, but behind the flowers and applause are exhausted tired let electricity supplier, we have such a consensus: any pattern from birth to maturity, the process is to the. The future, how to achieve better

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