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the rapid development of the industry and the future of the link will be large supermarkets and dealers to clean. Store experience will become an important part of O2O, the perceptual experience store is not just to bring good experience, more will be the brand culture and the origin of the top grade products. This paper is a practitioner in the eyes of the future retail formats.



I as a traditional Internet, dry the retail industry for more than a year, deep feelings, tuition is expensive, confidence. Fall somersault bigger, but much more confident, get some offbeat views, share out.

rational and emotional is my personal simple division of the retail store:

reason: store in addition to shelves, goods, shelves, goods, there is no other bright things, every inch of space to make full use of. In simple terms, is a strong purpose of the sale of goods. A case study of convenience store supermarket.

: in addition to store shelves and sensitive goods, all reflect a culture, belong to the store brand culture, the entire store out of the atmosphere to create a lot of consumers will contribute to impulse spending, with Starbucks, UNIQLO and IKEA as an example. One of Guangzhou Taikoo Hui side of the bookstore is representative. Emotional atmosphere, to create a way of consumption.

big supermarket will disappear, the dealer will disappear, convenience stores will rise

1, the impact of the electricity supplier department stores category.

The impact of Tmall

, one shop, the Jingdong of department stores category has obviously. Hey SF off also want to have a share, like a raging fire community electricity supplier, will aggravate this phenomenon.

2, a person’s economic era.

in Taiwan 20-30 years late, single family has a population of more than.

30-50 year old marriage divorced, off-site employment, weekend couples and other issues, single living population of more than family living population. Issues such as the widowed old age 50-70 years old, more than half the population is still single. China will be the same as this, leading directly to the single population is not into the supermarket, even into the supermarket is to buy small packaging products, and convenience stores have become a single large refrigerator population.

3, the dealer can not do a class of customers, small customers will not be able to close down, the payment does not take back what often happens.

4, the electricity supplier directly to manufacturers, dealers can only do Taobao, did not enter the platform qualification conditions. Living environment is getting worse. This group is not high enough, will be eliminated.

big supermarket gradually receded and dealers to survive the deterioration of the environment, the achievements of the resurgence of the convenience store. Convenience store is not comparable to the electricity supplier. Convenience stores will use electricity supplier tools to facilitate the convenience store. A convenience store will be unable to continue, to be integrated or be incorporated.

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