The new head of YC Silicon Valley venture need not tall

lead: an interview with Sam Altman, he is the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in the eyes of the horse.

Sam Altman is where sacred? He is the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Graham selected for Y Combinator (known as the first Silicon Valley incubator) new boss. He was one of the first 05 years of employment YC entrepreneurs, with YC source Graham less than a month; he is Stanford Computer Department of dropout, he created Loopt (position; service) was acquired by Green Dot for $43 million; he is an angel investor, or a popular blog writing. Oh, by the way, he’s going to be 29.

note: left Paul Graham; right Sam Altman.

Graham Sam Altman in Paul’s eyes, is a "very clever and rare talkative" chatter, he is perfect for the new head of the YC. Recently, I had the privilege of YC activity in close contact with this full of go after 80, please ask him to give you going on this change in Silicon Valley venture capital circle.

note: left Sam Altman.

‘business’ into a homely food

know some small but was a commonplace talk of an old scholar, still JiaBuZhu want Sam talk about business trends, the results just ask directly to be outspoken Sam to BER back…

" the media always like to write the trend that trend, in fact, the real promising startups tend to have nothing to do with all the visible trends. To take the trend of that thing if I tell you this: when we sit down to discuss with YC partners which company is expected to enter the $one billion club, we found that more and more companies have this potential, more and more people – this is a business trend, reason is also YC expansion, Sam told me.

previously, Paul Graham also expressed similar views: we are at the beginning of a start-up outbreak. Now, whenever a bit of ambition, will at least consider ‘entrepreneurial’ this matter, in other words, entrepreneurship is becoming more and more common sagong". PG believes that the number of startups is not limited to the number of good idea, but the number of outstanding founders. Expert heap more choice, more entrepreneurial accordingly, outstanding entrepreneurs more and more. If YC wants to put money into these people, we have no choice but to scale up, "PG told me.

wrote here, Xiao Bian can not help but recall the past year, I contacted the Chinese entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, really all kinds of what kind of. To summarize, probably is this: now the Silicon Valley, side to side venture nothing rare, Bi.

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