11 way off single bus Suning save single dog 11


in the year November 11th, the so-called "singles day" is a lot of singles "heartache" day. However, this year Zhengzhou singles unexpected harvest "true benefits", they will be able to sit in the center of the city 27 square Su Ningyun shop "Air Coffee", with the same single female or male companion, drink a warm fragrance of coffee, and participated in the "three minutes dating" interactive games, maybe to find the other half.


double eleven big promotion by "singles day" evolved, after a few years of fission growth, has evolved into a crazy online shopping carnival, to create a world business miracle. In fact, in this process, people gradually forget the "double eleven" had slightly joking intention, just immersed in the joy of fun shopping spree, and businesses are focused on increasing sales record.

however, as an integration of online and offline Internet retailers, Suning in the year eleven during the double push promotional activities at the same time, also for the country singles who sent a colored "true welfare", as they leave as soon as possible to help a "lonely cold" arm force.

it is reported that Suning throughout the country during the eleven year period of the use of O2O integration advantages, online and offline for the singles launched a single Party, movie dating, double welfare coupons and many other activities.

to Zhengzhou this event, for example, Suning is the use of cloud stores in the self coffee brand Air Coffee store and facilities to carry out a different style of interaction. An advertising company in Zhengzhou Office of the single female white-collar Xiao Wu was lucky enough to get a "three minute appointment" opportunity, for 10 a night of upcoming events, she said a heart full of hope.

this year to eleven during the double, both in Suning stores, or receive express, or participate in the Suning micro-blog WeChat interactive way, or even go on to work, single people have the opportunity to receive Suning sent by surprise.

, for example, Shanghai Suning launched the "double eleven I will take off" activities, users can through WeChat official registration, will have the opportunity to work with renowned female idol group SNH48 members meet interaction, can also receive SNH members personally sent a courier.


Nanjing Suning air launched off single bus, air bag "11 bus 11" singles to Suning stores in Xinjiekou, Shanxi Road, a "single proof" can take the bus 11 free in 11 days, you can also go to Qingjiang Suning Plaza and single beer garden the party to find the other half of love.

Guiyang Suning launched the "hot springs lie", which makes the local single people are encouraged to register really jealous. Wuxi Suning into the university campus to provide a single opportunity for single college students

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