3 more innovative Adsense money Union

Internet is an innovative industry, without innovation is not progress. I do not make any comment on the other aspects of the alliance, the 3 alliance of narrative, some are widely debated in the middle of the webmaster, please take care of the 3 chief creative alliance unique.

1 first video alliance http://s.u.vodone.com/bus


alliance is a coalition of the few to browse the charging alliance, as well as the traditional TV advertising and Internet advertising innovation based on alliance, the video ads to the site in the estimation of things even unthinkable a few years ago, the Alliance came true! The alliance advertising model should be broad advertisers welcome.

site: entertainment sites, especially video sites or movie sites.

2 Asian dating alliance http://s.asiafind1.com

the alliance is also innovative, it is estimated that there are a lot of webmaster should suspect. Good friends, the Asian alliance is a veteran of the good reputation alliance, he is also a creative alliance. His innovation lies in his estimation to pull off the assembly line system, now some domestic union to carry out the pull to earn referral referral commission mode are from his school here. At the same time, Google alliance also do well in this regard.

site: dating sites, chat sites, etc..

3 play alliance http://s.wanlianmeng.com

is the first game to play the game of chess and chess game platform. It takes the open API interface mode, to provide all kinds of Web site game products, to meet the needs of the site’s users entertainment. Play the game interface of the alliance is a rich advertising carrier, the game will be given a certain amount of advertising to the cooperation of the site, the site can be used to advertise or sell advertising, the proceeds without playing with the league. Cooperation website can also use the game platform for businesses to carry out activities to enhance the satisfaction of business advertising. If the game cooperation site membership services or buy the game props recharge, play according to the scale of website alliance cooperation given 40%-60% Commission; in addition to play league will develop some advertisers, put some advertising in the game interface, will be in accordance with the user contribution cooperation network station to give some degree into advertising. By joining the play alliance, not only enrich the website content and money. It is a double! Why not?


application site: all need traffic website can.

of course, in addition to the above 3 more creative alliances, there are a lot of good, but also the innovation of the union, here is not a list of.

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