Chairman of the board to talk about the B2B two most promising online trading

news May 17th, the only product show got the news, a few days ago, chairman Wei – casaarte fund will freak out about a small area on the B2B online trading views in the B2B manager, said he was more optimistic about the two kinds of online transaction is a great opportunity.

Wei Zhe B2B assumption into a marriage website, its meaning is to promote the seller and the buyer for the transaction, not necessarily a successful transaction, but there are a lot of services that are needed to provide. Therefore, the B2B industry and its excessive pursuit of online transactions and the transaction amount by the way of paying, than to service commercial service, adopt diversified payment standard, it can greatly enhance the site’s sales income. "If we put e-commerce transactions as the only, then we will go the road will be very long, so we can not hang in a tree."

In fact,

is optimistic about the two most promising B2B online trading business model is to buy and auction.

auction is to allow the seller to his bottom line to light out, crunching; and group purchase is the buyer to the simple and transparent, it solves the B2B trading conditions of diversity and privacy." Wei Zhe said, this is in fact two trading patterns already exists, even sub ah non internet era has been, but the Internet is to allow people to quickly gather, transaction demand instant.

and the two models are not able to cover all of the B2B online transactions. Wei Zhe hi ah said, for raw materials, equipment procurement and semi-finished products is relatively easy to achieve, especially in the country into the long-term excess economy premise. Content: only product show (

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