Fifast VS meow street open platform development showdown

The direction of development of

retail O2O more and more clear, the Tencent, Baidu, Wanda launch fifast, O2O open platform layout shopping center, this area ushered in another layout Ali, the launch of intime and meow street, also seeks to force the retail transformation. Who fly the same street and meow development, also pointed out the direction for the development of O2O industry, namely the final integration of online and offline business development, but "ambition" under the same conditions, the development is still there is a big difference.

open platform is based on the layout of the system

compared to the same is both open platform is not difficult to find, system layout meow does not seem to be the beginning of street propaganda so open in O2O, most pay the key link, only one channel support: alipay. Where is the basis of payment and fly in fast money, joined WeChat, bank cards, caifutong and even Alipay, therefore, in the payment of openness and tolerance, which is better than flying meow street.

Other aspects of

system layout, fifast electricity providers have more in-depth consideration to the consumer’s experience, the layout of the smart bracelet, smart gates, wisdom, wisdom lockers and other queuing machine products; taking into account the cross commercial consumer perception of consumers, launched a cloud POS as the carrier of the five in one basic services, such as card, general points, such as big data, the layout of zhichuo consumer pain points at the same time, also for the business settled platform, provides the basis for the consumer, get the experience data rich line. Which have been claimed to open platform, but the lack of general system deployment support system based on meow street, is floating on the surface.

open platform is the key product experience

product layout view, the two sides have overlap, the layout of the same shopping discount, indoor navigation, parking navigation, but the meow Street products, rather than inadequate publicity experience.

for example, the same is parking, fifast can do to advance understanding of parking lot vacancy and parking reservation, into the car, car navigation can reverse search according to the parking, the full realization of service. The street only can realize meow navigation services; also catering, fifast can help consumers receive online discount at the same time, reservations, ordering all can complete the remote online, encountered many people queuing, but also the use of APP to remind and arranging, realized remote service based on consumer demand, provide service consumption experience three-dimensional user. The street is currently only able to receive support, coupons, which has been used for consumers to receive a discount by group purchase, online promotion, there is no advantage.

open platform needs to build its own ecological

is currently the biggest disadvantage of meow street, is to open up the layout of its slow progress, although both platforms are in the experimental stage, but fifast has a number of businesses, brands reached a cooperation, such as ping miles, Jingdong, China Merchants Bank, Ctrip, public comment, Sina, micro-blog, red yellow and blue. When good >

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