For the same price why the electricity business this year a little bit less heat

do you still remember last summer, home appliance giant fall over each other promotion, all kinds of low-priced scary rhythm? Today, this crazy apparently did not continue, in addition to the recent get 818 large electricity providers to promote electronic business platform, several others are not what great news. We can not help but ask, what are the giants. See the previous price two words like shopping, and now than to reason and deep, why you have chosen to misfiring on the occasion of the PK


in fact, on the cheap, we all know what is behind the intention, the purpose can be roughly divided into 5 points.

first, the first market price, through low-cost consumers gather to establish awareness, when the volume of transactions to a certain extent, the user viscosity gradually stabilized, with the bargaining power to give consumers and vendors talk about cooperation, reduce costs and achieve profitability.

second, the Internet through low-cost a secret of winning, and gradually improve the sales network platform, to enhance their popularity, make a brand.

More than two points

electricity supplier giants are the main reason for the price war. But the development of the electricity supplier to now, industry pattern has been basically formed, Jingdong, Taobao, Suning and other first-line business takes the top spot, Dangdang, Yi and and so on in the refining field is now the electricity supplier giants take charge as chief of, if still rely on price strategy is obviously thankless, not only is difficult to change the market structure. It is more important for their allocation of resources is a great drain.

is chosen before the price war is because that when consumers do not have a very stable view of the online shopping platform, coupled with the competition between each other and their own reasons (listed Jingdong need to make achievements etc.) can be realized, and now a basically have reached their original purpose, now the implementation of the price war, in addition to consumer feedback to enhance the viscosity outside, it caused the marketing trend is not to bring the entire industry to change what. But the author itself, the price war is a small marketing activities, although the price is a gilded signboard, but there are a lot of people hit play, especially the concept of consumer spending rising today, low damage to the business is really great.

first, the increase in the daily marketing costs, profitability of electronic business platform continues to decline. Although we can seize the market by low-cost, enhance the number of registered users, through sales growth to enhance the growth performance. But now the electricity supplier industry increasingly fierce competition between each other, to get the user’s cost is very big, this is not only the endorsement fees, promotion expenses, and retain user fees, all costs will deter together, want to engage in low-cost companies.

second, now commodity price movements have been very transparent, with China Internet business 10 years of development, many sales channels have been made public, the price positioning products will become more rational. What kind of products should be sold at what price, everyone in mind

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