B2B website is difficult to succeed by imitation

to do a B2B site, just want to take someone else’s successful website to imitate is difficult to achieve.

Alibaba, Taobao and other web sites have a lot of people in the sale, very cheap. Is there anyone who relies on the site to imitate the program to become the second Alibaba.

many people say, I can not do Alibaba, I do Alibaba second, third, fourth…… Is that all right,


, we look at the industry in the second and third, go to the Alibaba is not entirely a way.

of course, many of China’s Web2.0 site, is not the foreign model moved over, Dangdang is not China’s Amazon, potatoes is not China’s Youtube.

they really learn from the success of foreign models. But they are not simple imitation, but a reference, and combined with national conditions, made improvements.

direct imitation of the site, the first mode of curing, it is difficult to break. Two is not a unique advantage, not attractive to the user. Can be shaped, not really into the essence of successful website.

especially those fledgling entrepreneurs, no money, no two human, three did not experience, but insists on the imitation of those sites. As a result, the content of the site can not keep up, maintenance can not keep up, the service can not keep up, can not keep up with the promotion, the site does not die strange.

want to do B2B website friends should know a fact: no Castro venture, without a strong support team, so we get a website also can not afford to support. Goal is right, but to combine reality. It would be better to locate a little lower, to find some people do not have a simple point of operation of the site, and so on the money, and then do not later. There should be like the web site navigation said: decryption B2B industry websites are important elements of successful creative


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