The nternet’s most simple entrepreneurial processes and methods

through the Internet to do business get rich only three steps:

a, product

two, sales

three, publicity

no matter how big your business is, you can get a million of these three steps. Why many people do not have a high income on the Internet, and work very tired. This is the three step, do not do a good job, do the core of these three steps is: focus and focus.

that is to say, if these three steps, you are focused, and focus on the research, then you do not want to become rich is impossible.


below, we will analyze these three steps:

a, product

if you want rapid development through the Internet, easy to get rich because I consider that many people are not what money, at the same time, also hope that we can in the shortest possible time, the most secure rich, so I have the following suggestions for the choice of Internet products (very important):

1, as far as possible to choose a profitable product;

2, as far as possible to choose people’s urgent needs of the product, rather than the public needs of the product;

3, as far as possible to choose easy to ship products;

4, try to choose products that can be sold repeatedly;

5, try to choose customers will buy products;

6, try to choose a relatively large market products.

is mainly above 6 points, should be placed in the heart. Of course, we must pay attention, to meet the 6 requirements of the product, is very difficult to find, but we have to understand, what is our ultimate purpose? That is to make money more easily make money ~ ~!!

and the choice of these 6 requirements, that is, you can make money more easily.

high profit products, it is easier to make money, people urgently need products, certainly easier to deal in the network, easy delivery of products, of course, lower logistics cost, repeatable sales of products, but also the cost is lower, and the customer will repeatedly buy products, of course, the overall profits will be higher, but a large market. The greater the potential of natural final profit.

choose this product, plainly, is to find that can obtain higher profits, but also can minimize the cost of products.

of course, on the Internet, not just products, as well as service or platform is the same reason.

you can see the world, those who earn a lot of money, they are selling products or services will not satisfy some conditions above, will at least meet one of the conditions, conditions and more content, more easy to become rich.

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