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electricity supplier era, what is the meaning of the existence of the enterprise? Peter, the father of modern management, said: "there is no customer, there is no business, no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no." Yes, businesses serve customers. For electricity supplier companies, enterprises are more for the visitors. Happy people think: the Internet since ancient times in real life, the pursuit of happiness is a human instinct, it is the needs of visitors, and humorous marketing therefore have the market even more miraculous strength.


is known to all, humor is a kind of funny or ridiculous but meaningful things, it is close to reality and creative, flexible and avant-garde. Humor is a kind of very effective marketing marketing way, because it is very user-friendly, can make you smile, and let people feel full of new ideas and understand its marketing quickly. To do a good job of humor marketing enterprises are mostly smart, can be more people in different fields to remember, but also can quickly stand out from the fierce competition in the market.

below to give a few examples of humorous marketing:

[want to do in the city only a beggar] beggars in the chat, some want to become a millionaire, some want to marry the daughter of a rich man to become rich two generations, but there is a beggar said: "I wish I was only in the city." – this little story tells us that a lot of things, no better, only. As Rousseau said, "If I not better, at I am different." (if I can’t do it better, at least I’m going to do something different), least am.


[prayed not to say "Coca-Cola"] a businessman to visit the pope said, as long as the Pope changed a word would give him 100 thousand dollars, the Pope did not promise. "Is that all right for 1 million?" the Pope shook his head. "Is that all right for 10 million?" the Pope waved. The side of the bishop asked the Pope: "10 million dollars can do many things! He really want what is a word, your attitude so firmly?" he sneered: "he wants christians every time after praying, don’t say ‘Amen’, and said" Coca-Cola "." This joke once appeared, immediately spread like wildfire, media wantonly spread, folk mouth phase award, Coca-Cola’s Kamiguchi rate higher. – this marketing story gives us the inspiration is: the best marketing ideas sometimes hidden in a small change, as long as the flexibility to learn how to think about the problem, you will be able to surprise the success of marketing.

[the same meaning there are different versions] there was a magistrate’s birthday, called the two fortune teller to calculate their own longevity. One of the fortune teller said: "your family than you die early." Magistrate listens to bate, gave him 40 strokes. Another fortune teller said, "you live longer than anyone in your family." The magistrate exultation, 50 reward money two. The same meaning, different versions, one was beaten, a boast, why.

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