TV soft marketing nobles and civilians play different

summer is coming to an end, but the summer is prime time TV drama hit, so regardless of the size of businesses to grasp this opportunity to make their business or promote a brand. However, the audience has been a certain amount of hard advertising immunization. If the light is on the TV spots advertising effect can not guarantee, the most important is also may cause the audience dissatisfaction.

in view of the above situation, businesses have to be able to play a good marketing campaign in the summer of this prime time, at the start of the series of soft marketing moving from the brain. Today, Song Congming came to talk to you about some of the TV drama soft marketing case, look at the big business and small business between different play.


aristocratic play

don’t know seen big business war drama "and" friends have noted that the Buick Company is the largest sponsor of this drama, or is the advertiser. Because of this drama from first to last for Buick to do publicity, whether it is the same piece of the hero in the car or the car parked in the alley scene are Buick automobile.

in Song Congming impression, I is in the TV series the earliest enterprises do soft advertising. While the original ah when doing soft advertising is just a few interspersed with some of aiyaya ornaments shop scene, but now is not such a big Buick Company.

can play such a big battle, become a sponsor only hit series. I think there are only such large enterprises like Buick have such funds. But the most remarkable characteristic of such advertising is a shift by the hit TV series to guide consumers in the consumption concept. It can be said that the initiative to create demand and then meet the demand. The disadvantage is that the capital investment is large, can take the initiative to change the market demand, this strength is not covered!

civilians play

the same marketing point of view, not the same way. Take the initiative to guide the changes in market demand, the strength of which companies can not afford to play. But there is no diamond, how should we embrace this porcelain work? The next to introduce the TV series that we are not unfamiliar, that is, love apartments 3. This drama is this summer’s hit series.

but with the drama hit, many Taobao sellers but also earned a pours. Because the TV dramas suddenly let the characters become the fashion trend of wearing. According to a Taobao seller said, in the "love apartments 3" on the day of his store a Zeng Xiaoxian paid the same clothes one day to sell 73 pieces, but this dress actually had sold but has not sold, a quarter only sold about 10. This is his hot and sudden unexpected.

from this case we can see that the soft power of marketing hit series. Another revelation to us is –

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