Difficult to get the core user Only need to grasp the 8 motives

The motivation needs of

is the model of professional motivation, which can be understood as a person’s value orientation, which reflects a person’s inner pursuit and the power of the core.

this paper is another interpretation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, is a direct landing operation. We divide the human needs into 8 aspects, according to the cognitive application of these 8 aspects, we can be more efficient and accurate to provide users with services or products, will be twice the result with half the effort.

well, first we need to know what motivation is. In fact, the demand for motivation is a model of professional motivation, which can be understood as a person’s value orientation, which reflects a person’s inner pursuit and core power.

that motivation needs can be simply understood as a tendency toward values. By understanding this tendency, we can effectively understand the user’s internal pursuit and core power, and is also a big factor to determine whether the core user.

these eight aspects are:

1 wealth index

we understand this as two meanings: first, the need for money; the first is to reflect the results of doing things oriented.

in fact everyone’s demand for wealth is relatively strong, do things are the result, but a strong degree and the degree of the results are not the same. For example, in a Party, some people with a clear goal, or how much hair name card, or to meet several target users, or know a few friends and so on; and some people are expecting to see the attitude and go to do or intend to strain. There is no right or wrong, just different motives. The former is stronger than the latter.

therefore, to observe a person’s behavior style of doing things, it can be seen that he is motivated to do things. The general wealth index high results orientation is strong, showing do things easier to reach a goal, the more intense desire for money, imagine the people doing the business of money are not strong business people will find


at this time, you should directly tell this type of user, your product or service can directly solve his problems, what kind of price to pay. You should be the result of communication, it is easier to attract such users.

2 health index

health index refers to a person’s own health and family attention. It is not difficult to find such a person around us: eating and eating are more stress, travel for a period of time is very homesick, and even a few computers every day to the family, they are very happy to enjoy with their families. On the contrary, some people’s attention to health care is not strong, and after the trip, the frequency of the call to the family is not high.

and they don’t like to work overtime and travel on a long term basis unless they need to work (if they have a choice, they prefer not to work overtime or travel). This kind of person is below each

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