nterpretation of Lan Xiang is how to achieve the ultimate social marketing

for Lan Xiang we certainly will not be unfamiliar, which excavator strong, Shandong, China to find Lan Xiang, which has a brainwashing nature of the national slogan put Buddha in the moment a household name. Lan Xiang is a technical, its popularity is also obtained in a short time to see Baidu index soared, has around 15000 in the visible social marketing power. In fact, until now, it is really difficult to distinguish Lan Xiang from black or black he is speculation, but as a successful marketing case, ordinary users know that the Lan Xiang school, and know that the success of its core business which itself is marketing. So for Lan Xiang this excellent marketing case, I think it is necessary to read it, perhaps for our marketing staff to help.

for the brand image and

noticed Lan Xiang’s friends all know, an excavator which is strong, Chinese Shandong to find Lan Xiang "advertising language can be said with more than ten years, this period of time, celebrity endorsement for the crop of another crop, but did not change the advertising language all along. At the beginning of Lan Xiang’s marketing tools are also questioned, after all, advertising language is not very tall, but later some marketers began to understand the wisdom of Lan Xiang. Although the ordinary advertising language, but the tone of antithesis neat sonorous, the most important thing is simple and crude. The core business emerged, rather than false will some of the so-called brand ideal, come straight to the point that their main business, but after so many years of "culture", mentioned excavator must be thinking of Lan Xiang, this mindset of marketing though rude, but for brand placement is everyone quite profound, is this Lan Xiang is the first step to adhere to the self brand.

in addition to the slogan, Lan Xiang for their own image of the maintenance is also quite value. Lan Xiang has always been a mystery to everyone to leave the label. From the world’s largest computer training center to hacking to President Lan Xiang when the celebration ridicule and Tsinghua University, Lan Xiang has been promoting self image and avoid responding to these topics, but let the audience enjoy the play of imagination. As a technical secondary school property, Lan Xiang can be said to have no background, but it just himself and many branded intertwined, so as to create high-end is the feeling of many schools are not things, but this is obviously more to meet people’s needs. At this point, Lan Xiang in the brand image from the stability and gradually added a high-end word.

makes full use of grass root temperament fun social marketing

if only said that Lan Xiang’s success depends on the persistence and high-end is clearly untenable, after all, many colleges and universities throughout the country, can do this is not much but it’s not just Lan Xiang a Lan Xiang, so obviously there are other marketing tool, this weapon is black and self ridicule. It comes from the black excavator and often has to be linked together in a few years ago and currently popular piece, a lot of the time and the grass root excavator excavator is the protagonist.

, for example, "Faye Wong was 31 years old when he first made public in 2000," Nicholas Tse

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