The cross border electricity supplier will welcome the new tax less than 50 yuan of tax deductible e

sea Amoy less than 50 yuan can be tax-free era ended

will welcome the new tax cross-border electricity value-added tax and consumption tax from his post tax

recently, a cross-border electricity supplier is about to bid farewell to "free time" in the online news spread like wildfire, in a suspected official cross-border electricity tax information, gives the direction of tax reform is clear: "post tax" will be "consumption tax" and "VAT" instead of. This news even clearly the specific execution time of the new deal for the April 8, 2016 tax reform.

it is understood that the new deal is the biggest change in accordance with the abolition of the tax levied in accordance with the line of 50 yuan tax exemption.

deal for cross-border electricity supplier platform

previously, the domestic cross-border electricity supplier tax model is a unified collection of post tax, according to the different types of commodity tax, divided into 10%, 20%, 50%. Milk powder, snacks, health care products, such as the post tax rate of 10%, while the shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics, the postal tax rate was $50%, in addition, the number of digital products and clothing tax rate is 20%. But no matter what category, as long as the tax should not exceed 50 yuan, can enjoy preferential tax policy. Therefore, for a group of sea Amoy consumers, as long as the small batch purchase, can enjoy duty-free sea amoy.


deal is cross-border electricity tax based on post tax in new tax and tax. Interpretation of the industry, for individuals to bring cross-border goods from overseas, still can enjoy the post tax, while the cross-border electricity supplier platform, it will cancel the post tax, value-added tax and excise tax replaced. According to the new tax, value-added tax and consumption tax will be reduced to 30% of the original tax basis, in addition to high-end luxury goods consumption tax, most commodities only need to pay VAT, namely 17%× 70%=11.9%. Overall, the majority of cross-border electricity supplier of goods, the tax rate will rise slightly, while for high-end luxury goods, the cost of cross-border electricity supplier sales will have a greater degree of improvement.

in addition, the tax reform will also be a single individual trading limit to 2000 yuan from 1000 yuan, annual trading limit to 20000 yuan. A single beyond this limit, it will be in the general mode of trade tax, which is equivalent to the domestic counter price.

impact on the sea Amoy different

The "tax reform",

for imports in different categories, different effect.

sea Amoy milk powder, snacks, health products, taxes will go up. For example, 200 yuan to buy milk, before the tax reform is tax exempt, and after the tax reform, should impose a tax rate of 11.9%. But for love, stockpile the bulk purchase of sea Amoy consumers buy more, the impact is small. For example, 600 yuan to buy milk, before the tax reform tax rate is 10%, and after the tax levy rate is 11.9%, the middle is only 1.9%. Health products and snacks

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