Taobao to explore the injury incident

event: October 12th nearly 7000 small sellers to attack Taobao mall big sellers: malicious captured goods refund and payment, resulting in Ousuo, starry, seven princess store shelves in the sale of most goods, stopped operating. As of 23:10 minutes, the total number of days 30 days to refund the EU reached a total of 19402 times, the Korean clothes shed for the second time, the seven princess of the 6769, the one percent time, the 17601 largest buyers only through the shelves of goods, stop operations to avoid attacks.

The cause of

: in October 10th, Taobao released the "2012 China Merchants mall renewal and rule adjustment notice", the technical service fee from the previous 6000 yuan to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two grades, or 5 to 10 times. At the same time, the amount of the amount of default margin shops increased across the board, from the previous 10 thousand yuan rose to $50 thousand, $100 thousand, ranging from $150 thousand.

fermentation: by October 13th at 12 o’clock in the evening, in the YY voice channel to participate in the activities of the maximum number of people to reach 5.5W. In the meantime, constantly broke someone hired hackers attack on the channel, resulting in some YY users were kicked out of the channel, can not enter, etc.. We are familiar with the Taobao mall home navigation links’ Muji ‘has been due to the cost of the problem is Taobao mall shelves.

case: in the YY voice channel constantly sellers to stand out and tell them personal experience. Some sellers said that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs as the seller, he began to prepare to engage Taobao mall, also call the day before to confirm Taobao mall customer, Taobao mall will not rise, on Internet rumors, so the merchant money, registered company, set office, and hire employees of some college students. The second day, Taobao mall sudden price increases, resulting in a straight up the cost of 210 thousand. The seller has to bear huge losses, and also unable to account for new employees of College students.

is a famous CCTV host by Sina micro-blog said: "Taobao it is not equivalent to the landlord raised the rent, tenants with small, with the landlord MEIZHE put the tenant to the siege? What way?" software treasure said: if one day before your landlord told you the rent price, so you go to buy a refrigerator, color TV, washing machine, but on the second day the landlord suddenly told you the price, and is five times, ten times up, you think you do? Is several years of savings to live? Or go to sleep on the street a few nights


software treasure: think price is not impossible, but the price can be about five times, ten times the price before? Can you communicate with the seller? Can not be the first to notice under the price before the seller? The customer service is very important, it can not use the Taobao City Pro seller service? I can choose to fight you, "0" points?


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