Electricity supplier was suspected of fraud was well known wine prices ban

electricity supplier, such as the rise of emerging channels, is to subvert the traditional liquor industry sales channels and channels. The rapid development of the speed to bring wine prices and traditional dealers is panic, to consumers is panic, while enduring the temptation of low prices, but the side is worried about the problem of genuine products. The sale of other electricity supplier website and radio channels and other traditional liquor liquor products are behind the fraud, fraud? What is the benefit of entanglements between wine prices, dealers and traditional


liquor electricity supplier stain

Internet craze is sweeping the liquor industry, behind the rapid development of electronic business, electronic business platform also appeared some long-standing problems, such as the appearance of fake products for this craze poured cold water. But the outside of the electricity supplier, fake doubts mostly stay at the level of fear, not all liquor electricity supplier sites have evidence to prove their fraud.

not long ago, vip.com in the well-known business selling fake wine – storm at the end of last year exposed the fake Moutai, in the January 8th China Consumer Association’s response letter apology, "is not consistent with similar goods (not the Moutai factory original products, which is usually understood as’ fake ‘)" the authenticity of the identification report released after the in its official statement 100% genuine promise has become a gimmick in the face of the fact.


, vip.com has also been a considerable influence, then announced that the public security organs for investigation reasons cannot be released to suspend all suppliers and sales Liquor products."

a stone Melaleuca stirred up, vip.com’s case shocked consumers, the original wine electricity supplier can not fully trust. Although only the case, but it is undeniable that the liquor industry has become a wine industry in the history of the stain".

In addition to the vip.com

can not shirk the fraud, fraud and other related business of a situation. 2013, CCTV exposure Tmall, Jingdong and other electricity providers to sell counterfeit B2C Lai Mao, integrity of the liquor electricity supplier questioned. It is understood that the liquor brand Lai Mao is a non registered trademark, rather than a registered trademark is not subject to legal protection, that is to say, any winery can use Lai Mao trademark production of liquor. But a lot of Lai Mao wine product factory are Jingdong and Tmall are marked "Guizhou city of Huairen province Maotai Town Guizhou China wine company", but the Moutai relevant person in charge of the identification and check, said it had never produced such "laimao" liquor.

currently on the market there are more than and 470 manufacturers, up to more than 1000 kinds of Lai Mao wine. These so-called "laimao wine" with many other large wine company name produced by small manufacturers. Some "laimao" wine is made from all kinds of small factories or workshops and other illegal traders of production, whether the quality of clearance, whether there is no guarantee of safety of drinking wine, consumers difficult to identify true and false, and even lead to the collective distrust of white wine consumers. In order to regulate the chaos of the phenomenon of Lai Mao, Moutai has announced the resumption of Lai Mao trademark in 2014. Just a time it is difficult to regulate clearly. < >

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