Cool competition Tmall and nine express cooperation after the price war

lead: in May 28th, Tmall announced a partnership with nine domestic express delivery company, in order to promote the further development of logistics, and will ensure that the partnership with the express enterprise not less than 5 billion yuan incremental business. This is after the price war is the business enterprise of Tmall is a big move, and this move is that Chinese business enterprise has already become mature, the competition among electricity providers from before the price war to calm competition.

price is no longer important value is king

is not the cheapest, only cheaper is the most realistic portrayal of the competition between the Chinese electricity supplier companies. The business enterprise trying to through low prices to win over consumers, so the "burn" also became their only weapon. But it seems that the magic weapon in addition to the loss did not give them any substantial benefits. This price competition is like a bottomless pit, let the business enterprise continuously into money, money is more hit the hole grew deeper hit. Eventually led to the electricity supplier companies into a price competition can only continue to lose money, do not participate in the price competition and even the loss of the opportunity is not embarrassing situation. Long term price war, eventually led to the results of the low price has been regarded as no advantage, and consumers are no longer cold on the price. Because of your lowest price today, his home price lower tomorrow.

In fact,

, Chinese business enterprise at the beginning not to improve their service value as one thing, but blindly through lower prices in order to attract the attention of consumers in order to gain more market share. Facts have proved that this approach is quite wrong, it is clear that the electricity supplier companies have begun to realize the mistake. Tmall cooperation with the nine express, it is a good proof of this point. And made a good start for other business enterprise, business competition between the real value from the price level to level up, have to say this is a great blessing China electricity supplier. For consumers, the future will get more valuable services this is the most important. Because compared with the price, consumers are more willing to pay for value. Now the price is no longer important value, is the kingly way.

electricity supplier logistics cooperation win era

in addition to the electricity supplier industry, the logistics industry is the biggest beneficiary of this cooperation. Business growth of not less than $5 billion a year is an attractive condition, and this is only a Tmall. If the other electricity supplier companies also joined in, then the logistics industry is bound to step on a new level.

electricity providers have self built logistics system, although the high cost of logistics is part of the reason, but the main reason is because of the slow pace of logistics in China has seriously affected the user experience. So led to the electricity supplier companies do not want to use the third party logistics platform and began to build self logistics in order to improve the user experience. This is the logistics industry, is undoubtedly a big blow. However, through this cooperation, Zhang Qing believes that China’s logistics will certainly be improved

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