E commerce business phone shopping boom

in 3G and triple play under the positive, 2010 is undoubtedly the year of China’s mobile internet. In the mobile phone, PC vendors scrambling to launch their own mobile Internet strategy, e-commerce companies have also layout of the mobile Internet, washed in the forefront of mobile e-commerce.

in mid September, the country’s largest e-commerce company Taobao announced the launch of iPhone mobile phone version, launched a huge spread offensive. A few days ago, a well-known online shoe Lok has quietly launched the iPhone mobile phone version. IPhone mobile phone version and the previous WAP mobile phone version of the biggest difference is its function and experience with PC on the site rather than WAP there is not a fraction of difference, mobile phone version of it, only a simple text image, function and application of many restrictions.

however, the cruel reality is that many e-commerce sites, including e-commerce, including the WAP version of the phone, as early as 2007 has been available, but the effect is generally, and some even reduced to the face of the project. The e-commerce has launched iPhone mobile phone version, can reverse this pattern?

to the mall into pocket

Le Amoy vice president Chen Hu said, Amoy has launched the iPhone version of the mobile phone online shoe, mainly because many user feedback needs in this area, and it is also important to some other factors, such as iPhone’s large user base, growth potential, and strong consumer, pay more attention to the fashion and fresh. "We hope that the consumer online shopping is no longer the radius around the PC, but with the mobile phone theory can be extended to any place, like the mall into pockets as convenient online shopping."

The same day

and taobao.com officially released the full support of the apple iPhone platform mobile phone Taobao client, Taobao mobile phone client foriphone in the Appstore app store to download the first life status.

How to

consumer Scarlett iPhone mobile phone version of popular? Industry professionals said, the main reason is that the platform is using page more than the XML technology, WAP technology, little difference between it and the Internet version of the website, just do some optimization for mobile phone browser, so it can seamless database and website the background. Therefore, its function is more powerful, the most important thing is to transfer the user from the PC shopping to the mobile shopping basically no threshold. In addition to shopping, the user can also be transferred to Taobao PC experience on the phone, shop, chat, download, arbitrary.

mobile phone online shopping potential

data show that as early as 2005, the amount of Japanese Internet sales through mobile phones reached 150 billion yen, far beyond the current china. And at present the huge base of China’s mobile phone, stable growth rate, China’s mobile Internet shopping potential is clearly not a level and japan. But is such a potential market in the WAP era, but praised.

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