What is the understanding of the customer’s industry characteristics Marketing people you need to ma


met some general advice, such as how to do a good brand planning? How to do? To answer the question need a good understanding of the questioner, there are a lot of personal experience of the ingredients, so not in two words or three can say clear one; we try to extract "fragments" today, on "client industry characteristics" in this part to talk a few words.


when the proposal, before doing the planning, we are going to analyze the customer’s industry structure, competition, business model and profitability? Of course is necessary, but it seems to me, is the best materials and arguments, the goal of course proposal not to show these "ingredients", but need to point to a "main course" (i.e. core strategy), this should be the core strategy around the brand cognitive construction to start, this is the main point of SDi. In fact, I did see a lot of proposals failed in the end, it is because of the industry’s big talk about the customer, since that a lot of experience, but the results can not fall into the climb out.

before the proposal to remember a basic fact: the customer’s industry, only the most understanding of the customer; and as Agency, you should know the most marketing.

wrong? Some people will say: do not understand the customer’s industry, how to do marketing? Even you display data also show – "not a good understanding of industry characteristics" enterprises are Party A Party B to Tucao most aspects, how can the client industry is not an important reason



to see this, we need to seriously on a crucial question: "to understand the industry characteristics of the customer" what


language is such a wonderful thing, it is a natural expression of the subjective, default will be a lot of key information. For example, "not a good understanding of our industry characteristics", the first reaction of most people is that the customer so that we don’t understand their products, their competition and method of business they do business. Then we should strengthen the management of customer understanding, strengthen the research in this respect.


planning ideas easily affect the overall strategy First impressions are strongest, a common result is: spend lots of time and energy to study customers’ industry, strategy of insufficient instead, reflected in the proposal:

A, talk about the industry, homework done well, the customer feel So So (nothing more than to say some of the facts we already know, and then?);

B, talk about the industry, homework is not very good, causing customers to their professional ability questioned.

marketing people communicate with customers and communicate with end users sometimes very similar, customers (consumers) in many cases do not know what they want, what

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