Website promotion benefit people can self interest chain caused by thinking

at night xianlaiwushi, Baidu DOMAIN data out of their own blog, was found to have a Baidu library text outside the chain, I never did Baidu library. What’s the matter, is it wrong for Baidu


my curiosity click on view, Baidu did not make a mistake, is a friend uploaded be strangers to each other, he did not erase my copyright. At the end of the article, of course, the friend behind with her.

at the same time grateful to the friends, I also realized a fundamental reason for the promotion of the Internet Marketing – self benefit people, abide by the promotion of social norms can be a long time.

indeed, what people do is certainly the first to consider the magnitude of benefit from their own, this ancient vice versa, network marketing is no exception, but "selfish" cannot be "unhelpful" way to achieve this in "unhelpful" on the basis of "egoism" behavior should not be persistent.

in fact, everything should abide by the basic premise in the promotion of social norms, the spirit of "self benefit" principle, although the Internet now basically is free, but free is not equal to each other there is no demand — even when Lei Feng, with "Lei Feng travel one thousand miles, a good thing to do with a train." in the world, it is because of this form of Lei Feng hopes to return to the community, and not for nothing that he, not to mention now commercial society.

therefore, we should also consider the interests of other people and abide by the basic moral norms of the society while emphasizing their own interests. Must be helpful for network service providers, increases to a certain value for it, rather than as it increases the legal risk; must be helpful for network service users, recommend a certain reference information for users (or unique service); at the same time must be conducive to the original work for each other, more widely promote the. Only if you respect all the people, others will really respect your labor pay – to know, even if it is a simple copy collection also has a certain time cost.

with the now fashionable words, must be the pursuit of win-win effect, not only for their own benefit, not only can not harm, but also benefits to the people. Because no matter the chain or the promotion of behavior, the behavior itself is the hope that more people recognize your website (at least the page) value, it is hard to imagine a lack of respect the legitimate rights and interests of the promotion behavior, do not respect the basic norms of social behavior will get more respect for people.

think, ad 2010 CCTV Spring Festival gala by Chinese people like a mighty storm reach the peak of perfection and, finally in the spring of 2012 had to give up all the ads, even CCTV the domestic media "mobile phone" to consider users, and we are not well-known websites


hair outside the chain of such network promotion behavior of course is no exception, and now some webmaster hair chain, promotion is ">

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