Five misunderstandings of enterprises in network promotion

Although the

network has been popular, the network has also become an important channel for corporate marketing promotion, but some companies are doing network promotion work, there are some awareness of misunderstanding, I do know the way marketing agency pony project manager in recent years did little to meet, here are five more common errors.

website is the network promotion

When the

network had just begun, many companies think they do a website, online business over there, to do network promotion, now also have some differences do not understand corporate network between promotion and station. The site is only in the network to build a propaganda window, network promotion is to allow more people to visit the site, know that our brand. This is not much to say, at present the vast majority of enterprises have recognized the problem.

blindly seeking quantity not quality

network promotion in the blind pursuit of promotion, but less than the promotion of quality, which is a big mistake in the promotion of enterprise networks. Pony know the way to do all kinds of news dissemination industry, take the news to promote the example of soft. Some companies want to release 1000 manuscript one week, the price is cheaper, papers on the Internet to find, certainly a lot of people have heard the sweat. This is the most typical, in fact, there is a 2-3 week news spread manuscript papers, devoted to hundred media enough, the key is this manuscript, if the actual situation of enterprises planning, step strategy released. Then there is the media, if relevant, matching with the manuscript content and business services of the regular media, devoted to personal websites, outsourcing website, looks very relaxed condition, want to take what with what, in fact, the effect is not good. In short, the network promotion is a creative work, need to be linked with the enterprise marketing strategy, specific analysis of specific circumstances, manuscript creativity and media quality is the key.

recruit staff do not need to promote outsourcing

that heard a boss told me that you Masan ah pony know the way I still believe, but I have a question, I recruited a network marketing manager, a monthly salary of five thousand or six thousand dollars. He helped me to do to promote it, I do not need to do other than investment. In fact, this truth is like we have to eat, the original to do their own, and now a chef, but he still has to put into the cost of food, people are selling the craft. Like a company looking for a SEM, but also to go to Baidu account recharge to promote, recruit the promotion of staff, but also the need for advertising resources, media resources, these are the only peripheral companies. Of course, companies can find a comprehensive outsourcing company, the promotion of media and planning have, so as to have a more intimate person.

must calculate the input-output ratio of

companies to do the promotion, the pursuit of return, this is understood, the promotion done to assess the effect is a natural thing. However, each of the inputs are calculated to achieve input-output ratio can not be achieved, such as advertising, especially with the background of the system statistics, this is also a good data, and the word of mouth category, network brand promotion category, network >

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