The initial forum to promote a post harvest only 5000 hits

I am a website promotion rookie, contact this line of time is also a few months, from contact to now has been in the learning stage. The Internet has seen some promotion methods proposed by some senior expert, the urge to try, but always see eyeful of food and didn’t know where to start, so a bird has experienced a short period of indecision.

in a period of time after the link has been feeling less than satisfied with the site traffic, so think through the forum posting function to attract part of the flow, so the dishes do not have two after thinking 3, 4 days, finally found a small breakthrough.

is a small bird dwelling life information classified sites, many people believe that everyone should know a 58 city classified information website, including employment, housing, friends and other information, the website has now done relatively large, traffic is relatively stable. But the side dish is a new person, so I do not feel very comfortable, do not know where to pull the flow. I observed a period of time on the site, and finally locked the sale of a lingerie business, Ms. the main business room of their non transparent file underwear, at first glance this name, I believe many people are in the clouds, but the fact is not so ~ ~ ~ you think after thinking, I decided no file in a transparent underwear as a starting point, in order to carry out marketing as bait.

of course, the title of the article write more temptation point, similar to the "Lady transparent no file underwear to withstand the temptation of let you like, the content is about to introduce a business on the Internet to sell their chance to see what things, there are a lot of beautiful lingerie pictures, and also broke the news of a point false information is the owner is a big beauty like, the owner do underwear model for their product promotion…

Posts written but not after too many changes, of course did not deliberately to optimize, is simply introduced, and then made a very risky behavior, and the relevant pictures link, of course, this put a lot of readers to the shop, the shop to give publicity a shopkeeper should discuss how to thank me ha ~~~

The next step is to make sure that the article is published on the

forum. Because I added the link in the article, so I can’t even hair everywhere, I finally decided I am more familiar with the Tianya forum to publish this virgin promotion stick.

is the first article in the hair is the fire mapping area, issued after five or six minutes after the time, I looked at the post, has been viewed 200 times, and then look at how much the page on their website to increase, a look surprised, just a few minutes, page visits increased more than and 100, darling, happy heart.

but the next thing gave me a head-on blow to me in return, you see the post, has been seized. "

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