On the network marketing service under the situation of the vulgar wind

as of February 21, 2009, the country to rectify the vulgar wind action has announced the nine batch of Web site list. Various types of sites nationwide and IDC service providers to stop to check the vulgar website, and make it clear there is no record of website can not be opened, one is the larger site traffic and popularity, the next step is to select individual stationmaster areas, such as the past few days on the news of Fujian province.

we discuss this situation today, our country to what signal? Network marketing network marketing service should decide on what path to follow? Have those? As well as the depth of network marketing planning agencies own experience for reference.

whole vulgar wind, the country to give us what kind of signal?

1, macroeconomic regulation is not just the economic sector, the Internet market is also facing national macro-control. Because the Internet is much greater than the impact of the first industrial revolution, involving all levels of society and life, all aspects, and even changed people’s way of life and habits. The movement shows that the attitude of the state towards the Internet market, but also a strong signal, determines the direction of the development of China’s Internet, can not be ignored;

The development of

2, the Internet has undergone extensive development stage, has entered the stage of exquisite rules, this action means that the state will gradually layout and implement the rules of the development of the Internet, this is the inevitable development of the market. Internet and no

line of the Internet is a great opportunity for China to participate in international competition. After the completion of the national planning framework of the overall layout, we will see a small but complete rules issued and implemented step by step.

3, the situation is stronger than people, in the reform and adjustment of the situation, to the small and medium-sized enterprise website construction and network marketing service, must not slack, the opportunity has been placed in front of us, the situation began to layout of the future 3-5

years of development plan. The era of extensive development has been in the past, network marketing is no longer a technical problem, but to rise to the height of corporate marketing strategy.

4, the site can not be opened without a record, are you ready? Even after a period of time the site will gradually improve the efficiency of the record, the record time is greatly shortened. But before filing efficiency, you want to deal with how to deal with it?

after the start of the vulgar wind movement, the network marketing service to go from here?

1, crudely made, the establishment of the template network company, in the face of thirst for enterprise effect has been formed under the situation of the market, you also developed

as in the past?Effect of

2, the financial crisis for at least 3-5 years, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises China export oriented, must seek more economic and effective network advertising and online brand to compete in the domestic market and the international market in two, to seek survival and development,

high quality oriented "

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