Teach you how to promote the site to allow Sohu to give you free flow

hand to teach you to promote the site – let Sohu free flow to you

had not thought about the Sohu, let Sohu free to you to send traffic, and thus achieve the purpose of promoting their own website. Who would want to be able to do it? The answer is yes, the following lazy ants on the detailed operation method to teach you.

1, registered account login blog;

2, click on the top of the page, "my blog" into the blog page, click on "add module", in the open window, click on the "music" to open the expansion item;

3, select the first item in the expansion of the "music box", close the window. Be careful not to select other items;

4, you should see a player, the default in the upper left corner, of course, you can adjust to the appropriate location;

5, if you are a new music box, there should be no music, click on the player’s music box links to add the album, if there is a prompt window, the point can be determined;

6, click on the top right corner of the "new album", fill in the name of the album, such as push guest. Others can not fill, but the lower part of the "open" to choose "open";

7, click OK to return to the newly built twitter album window, when you want to add to the album push union music code. Click on the "station outside the song collection", in the open window, just fill in the song name, in the song link to fill in the push off the union jump code, click OK, close the window;

8, return to my blog home page, refresh the page to see if there is no accident, it should be able to jump to your site.

on how to beautify the blog page and how to let visitors more to your space, please refer to the push off the hand of the alliance to teach you to promote the relevant articles.

this article starts: lazy ants @ push off Union, please indicate.

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