Google Developers Conference held to bring benefits to Chinese developers

Google global product director Ben Galbraith

Phoenix Technology News December 8th news today, Google Developers Conference held Developer Day in Beijing, in the morning schedule, Greater China president of Google and Google Shi Bo League global product director Ben Galbraith delivered a keynote speech.

is reported that the developer conference is Google’s largest in the Asia Pacific region, there will be 35 developers for the sub forum. At the meeting, Ben said today that Google has launched a simplified Chinese version of the developer support page, but also the introduction of third parties to help Chinese developers.

the general assembly by a section of the scene with the opening of the VR device painting, performers painted a well-known Chinese scene and Google products, including Google’s sincerity in the Chinese market. Shi Bo League first published speech, he said China Mobile is currently the rapid development of the Internet, every seven minutes there will be a machine start-up company was born, and the number of users per capita China installed mobile applications already in the top five in the world. Data show that every day users spend 51 minutes on mobile applications, mobile Internet still has a very big chance. In addition, Shi Bo League also mentioned Chinese game developers, game developers said he China revenue last year compared to last year increased 150%, especially the overseas market has great potential. Google is also willing to help more Chinese developers overseas.


global product director Ben first announced in his speech today, Google has launched a Chinese Webpage support Chinese developers, will also support the introduction of third party organizations to jointly support the developers, this means that Chinese developers and the Google communication will be more smooth. Since then, Ben introduced Google for the development of two kinds of web technology PWA and AMP, and said that PWA technology has been used by Alibaba, browser conversion rate increased by 75%. In addition, Ben introduced the latest features of Google’s latest mobile operating system Android, virtual reality features Daydream, iOS can be developed on the application of FireBase and artificial intelligence platform TensorFlow.

this is not the first time Google Developers Conference held in China, in 2009 and in 2011, Google has held similar activities in china. Unlike Google I/O, Google developers conference is more inclined to communicate and communicate with developers. In fact, Google said in China Shi Bo League has held various activities to support the developers. After a lapse of five years, Google developers conference again in Chinese held, many people think that this is a signal for Google to return to China, but Bo Shi Meng expressed "No comment". (Wang Rui)

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