Blue Tower WAP viewpoint Google push free mobile search for 3G applications

Blue Tower WAP viewpoint: Google push free mobile search for 3G application


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as an important symbol of 3G mobile search industry, competition is rapidly warming. For the current number of mobile search industry is hard for the manufacturers, may have to face such a bad news: the Internet search giant Google also saw great potential in the field of mobile search, and to add to the list. The day before, Google in Chinese officially launched mobile phone SMS search, whether mobile or Unicom users, as long as the search key is sent to the "999333", Google will automatically recognize the information search and return the most relevant results in a text message. Now you can search contents include: real-time stock information, weather forecast, train and multi language translation etc.. Users only need to pay the cost of sending text messages in accordance with the normal fee, receive text messages and information content free of charge.
caught without the part of the user computer search technology from the text is not difficult to achieve, as well as the minfo wireless search enterprise like already launched SMS search, China Mobile Communications Association has also been vigorously promoted called "short message SMS Web site search service".
in the existing mode of cooperation, Google Chinese spokesman said, Google does not have any plan in the SMS search, but when the user has the habit or the number of users reached a certain stage, may explore the profit.

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