Google PR is too much emphasis on the name is misleading the culprit

today at the SMX West conference in Santa Clara, Google research director Peter Norvig said PageRank was too heavy to see, perhaps it needs a new name.

asked whether the search technology is too fancy, Norvig will gradually lead to the topic above the PageRank, the name is misleading the culprit, he said:

there is another thing that is too important to me. I think it’s PageRank, people always think, "well, you’re using this stuff to rank all websites". Yes, yes, PageRank’s calculations are important, but it’s just one aspect of many important things. Maybe it’s the name that caused this misunderstanding, we never said that PageRank is the most important aspect, we need to consider all available data……

the most puzzling is that our analysis of the overall site ranking algorithm called PageRank, and one of the factors is also called PageRank, people on the chaos. This is a misunderstanding, we need a better brand name.

actually Google has recently been gradually weakening the importance of PageRank, in October last year, they even removed the PageRank administrator tools.

also held at the Santa Clara SMX West conference, Google Maile Ohye also confirmed that Google had begun to use last summer recommendations to the standard proposal for each site, to grab the AJAX page in the content. Google Code can be found in how to deploy their own AJAX code and URL address examples, so that Google reptiles can be indexed to.

if your site uses a large amount of AJAX and has an URL address that is not indexed to hash, it’s a good time to improve AJAX. AJAX grab any problems, you can go to the discussion group, Google Web Toolkit team will help you solve.

article source: Gu Ao

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