Some thoughts on WeChat’s new features yesterday WeChat = social finance Don’t think too much

yesterday, WeChat once again "by surprise" to launch a picture of the limit function, the user instantly brush screen full circle of friends, followed by red shake battle, wave, two wave…… For me this red envelopes activities have been "immune" person, I love poured a cup of wine, the taste of WeChat’s "shame and Sao" mood.

Perhaps it is because WeChat

in the last public class Pro tasted the sweetness — without informing the user under the premise of "surprise attack", allows users to experience the feeling of surprise, and while impulse, so the launch of WeChat’s photo limit function, using the same method.

how to effect does not deny that WeChat should have achieved the expected results of the official. But compared to the open class that day pro, in fact, there is still a gap. In addition to the reasons for the opening time is relatively small, the more important reason is that users’ surprise in the lower.

it is hard to imagine, when repeatedly used this "sudden attack" strategy, as well as the number of users in the play along. Secondly, is the most important, if WeChat can’t solve the defect problem of many small, I’m afraid the next time I play these, will still be used, that speak.

went on to mention WeChat’s "shame and emotion", which is no exception. The head of WeChat, Zhang Xiaolong mentioned several times on the user experience, whether it is for advertising, or the large-scale activities are extremely cautious, and the "prudent" all concentrated into product design, only one principle, does not destroy the existing experience.

but obviously, it’s still a problem. For example, a picture of the red envelope arising from the behavior of the yellow, which is also the key factor leading to the event in advance of the shelf (originally scheduled at eight points off the shelf).

I was thinking, at the beginning of the product design, WeChat in the end did not expect this will happen?.

when WeChat is addicted to those who design, sometimes really should reflect on, you are not a small social tools, but has hundreds of millions of users of the platform, any changes will have unlimited amplification effect. Including the last open class pro, the user’s lack of intelligence IQ, no, that is only part of the user in the show superiority, the real situation is the official WeChat product design flaws, the entire page is a lack of obvious identification.

had to sigh, this is really like on the bed, also refused to NiuNiuNieNie Batui open type.

in my opinion, now WeChat still live in a utopian world, like last night, successive waves of red "shake", the number of single red share is very small, in addition to attracting a bunch of abuse, nor what is left.

can even be said that people in the wake up after the root pressure you won’t remember what appears red shake, just think of yesterday afternoon WeChat has a red envelope.

in other words, users actually need more new

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