Pass social networking site Facebook or by the acquisition of Chinese websites into China

DoNews April 18th   news; according to foreign media reports, informed sources close to Facebook staff revealed that Zuckerberg repeatedly to the private nature of China, met with Chinese site managers, or by the acquisition of Chinese site into the China market.

informed sources, Facebook social networking market soon, while the layout of the global strategy will expand the development of a series of mergers and acquisitions. In the face of the Chinese market has not yet opened, Facebook will be under the framework of the law, the localization of mergers and acquisitions and cooperation, to achieve a true global layout.

currently, Facebook to strengthen the preparatory work into China, the establishment of a Chinese staff as the core of the special project team to provide a variety of programs into china. Acquisition of Chinese websites, and telecom operators to cooperate with China’s capital docking, strengthen the protection of user information and audit, are included in the work process.

it is understood that in May 16th or 17, Facebook will be landing on NASDAQ IPO, the transaction code is FB. Facebook documents submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), will continue to enter the Chinese market for evaluation, trying to enter China to expand the market.

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