The country’s first network literature infringement case in Putian City trial

yesterday morning, netizens and copyright, legal circles in the network literature works of Infringement — Yunxiaoge infringement of network copyright case in Hanjiang District of Putian City Court held a public hearing. Two accused Yao Guoxiang, Liu Kaishan was charged with the purpose of profit, without permission of the copyright owner, copy and distribute his literary works of the 1339, the circumstances are serious, shall be investigated for criminal liability for copyright infringement.

evidence stage, because the electronic data identification report, two defendants pleaded for the prosecution to provide evidence of per capita objection, require re examination, the Court adopted the views of counsel, and adjourned the case adjourned.

Yao Guoxiang was born in 1977, college culture, Putian Hanjiang district. Liu Kaishan was born in 1966, college culture, Shandong jinan. Hanjiang District procuratorate accused, in January 1, 2004, Yao Guoxiang and Liu Kaishan jointly launched "Yunxiaoge" website on the Internet, through special software settings, automatic search, from Internet bulk collection works, without literary works copyright all permitted under the condition of "starting point Chinese network" on the 1339 the literary works collected by Yunxiaoge website reprint, to provide Internet users online browsing through the website and profit from advertising links.

in July 9, 2007 and July 12th, Yao Guoxiang and Liu Kaishan were Putian City Public Security Bureau of criminal detention, the same year, was arrested in August 16th.

it is understood that the Yunxiaoge net has published literary works of nearly nine thousand, of which a large number of Chinese net huanjianshumeng, from the starting point, 91 E stations and climbing literature network literature website, some of the works published after a period of time to be removed to the fashion is online works 5334, once a Chinese web traffic ranking second, before the incident is still Chinese literature site ranked seventh, has become a large-scale web site visit amounted to about two hundred thousand independent IP, about two million people.

the site has repeatedly changed the server location, has been transferred from Beijing to Ji’nan, Quanzhou, Putian and other places.

"Chinese starting point" is Shanghai xuanting entertainment Mdt InfoTech Ltd owned website. Yesterday morning, as the criminal incidental civil plaintiff people, the company said in the indictment, "Yunxiaoge" in literary works without the copyright owner and the company license under the "starting point Chinese network" on the 1339 literary works collected Yunxiaoge reproduced, and through the website advertising profit about 600000 yuan, criminal incidental civil compensation request to the two defendants, Yao Guoxiang, Liu mountains of compensation for the tort of the loss of 500 thousand yuan.

because the case is of typical significance in the field of network copyright protection, yesterday morning, the provincial Copyright Bureau, Provincial Communications Bureau, Putian Municipal Bureau of copyright and the local number of network operators sent to participate in the audit.

entered the trial phase of the trial, the prosecution provided evidence of the victim of the unit reported material, extracted the tools of crime, electronic >

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