Tencent reiterated that WeChat is not a small program flow entrance enterprise exit is normal

IT home message on January 17th before the netizen that, once in the previous on-line today’s headlines WeChat small program Lite headlines today has 15 days from the date of suspension of service, and this small program from WeChat officially launched only a week’s time.


insiders pointed out that today’s headlines small program version only recommended and video two options can not be searched, the function is limited. Although the small program page similar to app, but it has not been the core of the algorithm’s advantages, which may be one of the reasons for the suspension of today’s headlines Lite applet.

in fact in the previous WeChat open class Pro version of WeChat, the father of Zhang Xiaolong has said that the small program is not a way to get users to rely on the flow distribution, definition of small procedures, only when the user needs only after use, small program to search in the future, but the search ability will be strictly limited. Now Tencent official reiterated the above statement.


is not only today’s headlines, currently contains the logic of thinking, the number of enterprises recently also announced its withdrawal from the small program. Zhang Jun, director of public relations, Tencent Inc believes that the small program for what type of business, is not something strange. At the beginning, do not remind when the flow inlet, the line is the focus. Based on this understanding, someone into, someone out, and then no normal. Someone broke up, you are not in love.

is mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore to exit at the same time, there are people in force, of course with the expanded function range of small procedures, the future must also have a number of forms for small programs form the final product talent shows itself.

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