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morning news reporter Miao Xiali

at the beginning of 2015, the financial crisis hit. Recently, takeaway website hungry get hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, it is reported that investors from one of the three giants of the Internet, is expected to the end of the month about the disclosure of investment details. And just a few days ago, takeaway platform zero line just got $30 million from Tencent, Sequoia Capital and capital investment in Gobi.

low barriers to entry, the market is tragic, taking the market as much as the rise of the year buy." An industry source said. Since last year, O2O hot, to seize market share, takeaway industry subsidies burn wind, 2015 is expected to enter the shuffle stage, competition will be more intense, or become the second taxi software market class.

has become a hotly contested spot delivery giant

in recent months, Amoy and so on in the school leaflets, and even some takeaway advertising directly ‘illegal’ posted in the campus bulletin bar." Shanghai Institute of Physical Education Wu told reporters that the past takeout, mainly rely on the phone since last year, occasionally with hungry, such as Amoy little takeaway ", especially on weekends, sleep late, canteen did not eat, called takeout." Wu said. A student at the Shanghai International Studies University also told reporters, called meal hungry or in the U.S., mainly directed at the site of the subsidies, such as the new user can stand by 10 yuan, 20 yuan original soup rice, now as long as 10 yuan.

over the past year, all in the takeaway website forthright and crazy subsidies, financing a.

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minus 6 yuan discount, 200 thousand copies of free lunch, have takeaway website to attract consumers with a discount, the amount of subsidy from 3 yuan, 5 yuan to 10 yuan, is a high. In addition to consumers enjoy subsidies, part of the takeaway site is to provide food catering business side also provide subsidies.

subsidy money, in the final analysis is the vc. Will this subsidy war in the end, it can only rely on the investment side of the continuous blood transfusion as soon before the taxi software burn war financing + that. For example, the financing of the hungry, in August last year, has received $80 million in public comment financing, was the largest takeaway industry financing, and indirectly joined the camp Tencent. A month later, home food will be $50 million financing Jingdong. The hundreds of millions of dollars of the money hungry, no doubt once again refresh the record of financing.

takeaway website frequently access to venture capital, because it has become a hotly contested spot of the giants. Group purchase giant U.S. group cut takeaway market, Baidu launched Baidu takeaway, the Alibaba to borrow Amoy little takeaway takeaway line of life penetration, is regarded as O2O (Online to Offline) the important battlefield of the madness of comparable year group purchase — not only the amount of financing soared, company size is doubled growth. Hungry more than and 200 people from more than 6 months ago, soared to about 3000 people, which means an increase in costs.

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