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webmaster network admin5.com9 16 news, Tencent officially opened today, the domain name (opensns.qq.com), Tencent community open platform website formally launched. It is reported that Tencent community open platform, Tencent is the site owners and developers to provide a big stage. Web site owners can share the use of Tencent, like, authentication space and other social components, easy to quickly spread the mass content of the site in a large number of Tencent users. Developers can take advantage of Tencent community open API, the development of excellent creative social games, utilities, to bring their own huge traffic and revenue.

‘s current Tencent community open platform, focusing on the QQ space and friends community (QQ alumni) on these two communities. Love by sharing components, components, application access and three kinds of models for website owners and developers, and for well-known brands, agencies, media, celebrity space launched a certification service, through the official certification of Tencent have more exclusive function in QQ space.

Tencent said community open to third party developers, before it is not a new thing, is not to try this, Tencent has been deployed for a long time, the main consideration is opening up can effectively protect user privacy and security, high-quality entertainment and living application and can introduce more distinctive. In fact, in the current QQ space and friends community (QQ alumni), a total of 8 models have been successfully applied to the operation of the third party, but also for partners to bring good results. Currently for developers, Tencent has opened user information, friends relationship chain API. The platform provides a series of open interface (Open API) and a software development kit (SDK), the majority of developers as long as the login website and create an application, you can get the login user information through Open API, the chain of friends and other information. Online applications can also call the payment and monitoring interface, payment functions, view the application of real-time operation and maintenance data, etc..

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application developers, we provide a general and powerful API for you, you can easily develop all kinds of applications in the Tencent community open platform, and finally will show your application to users of the Tencent, which can quickly accumulate users.

application access

win-win cooperation

want you to write the program by hundreds of millions of users use the Tencent? Tencent community API for third party developers can Tencent community open platform facilitate the development of various social applications, access to a large number of users, to win the financial benefit.

for the third party website, we provide a variety of cooperation model to help you quickly spread your site, and can continue to maintain the target user, in order to increase your site traffic and user activity.

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