Secret secret P2P industry pay paid poaching for peeping privacy opponents

central broadcasting network July 31st news (reporter Tang Ming intern reporter Li Eryu), according to voice of the economy, the world company reported that although the P2P platform foot tide continues, but the number of P2P continues to increase. Up to now, only Beijing’s P2P platform on more than 70. In the first half of this year, the national P2P net loan turnover reached 96 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of more than 6. At the same time, in which practitioners have also begun a high salary carnival.


Hongling venture founder Zhou Shiping to the world company, said the current Hongling venture executives annual salary of more than one million.

Zhou Shiping: we generally like the normal staff is 4000-5000 yuan, different companies executives, general business executives have reached 500 thousand -100 million, our company may have other executives will be more than one million.

, however, another founder of P2P company in the world company interview, said there is still a certain gap between the rich and poor in P2P company.

P2P: P2P technology sector then almost is IT technology salary, customer service sector like ordinary customer service staff is about 4000 yuan, the supervisor is the management staff, the general platform reached almost 10 thousand per month.

P2P executives said that the company’s P2P staff salaries are very common, the company over the past year, all employees up to more than 20% of the salary range. At the same time, an industry source said that some companies in order to retain the core employees, but also a substantial increase in wages, and give the option.

behind the rapid growth of wages is in short supply. Hongling venture founder Zhou Shiping believes that the problem now is in the face of ordinary P2P, the banks and other traditional financial and well-known Internet companies, experience has the ability to do not want to move, the company barely enabled people in fact and is not worth so much money. Now the development of the industry workers demand a thousand li a day, surge, the whole industry has formed a huge gap with people. And dig people have become a prerequisite for the rapid development of P2P company.

Zhou Shiping: relatively speaking we dug a lot of talent, we have three bank executives now, the introduction of talent to our company’s standardization and regular business for help is very big, so we have the profit effect is far more than we spend money.

2012, P2P turnover of the entire industry is only 20 billion yuan, to more than 100 billion in 2013, while the total volume of the first half of this year has exceeded billion. In a short span of three years, the size of the P2P transaction has been the emergence of a rate of increase of 10 times the speed, the demand for employees is also a geometric surge, talent gap continues to enlarge.

net loan home partner Zhu Mingchun believes that the current actual invite people in the market really worth the money really can not say, everyone in the speculation. Because I really understand this

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