The 17 year history of Baidu breakout hegemony loss anxiety and change

we believe that for a Internet Co, its product development and evolution history, will be more faithful to map out its development and growth trajectory.

we also believe that to understand the product development, iteration and evolution of a Internet Co, will help you understand the Internet, understand the product.

2 days ago, Robin Li released 2017 Baidu internal letter, announced that it would fully attack the content distribution, around a circle of Baidu, and finally decided to return to the distribution of information, the beginning of their own.

A review of the

, one of the Baidu Internet China three mountains from birth until now 17 years, also called surge high and sweep forward ups and downs.

today this article, we will take you from the product evolution, iteration and development, to review the 17 years since the birth of Baidu.

below is the body part

in the past for a long time, Baidu is one of the undisputed leader in the Chinese Internet world, it was once the highest market value of China Internet Corporation.

however, in the past 2016, Baidu seems to be somewhat precarious. With the past year including "hemophilia it" and "Wei Zexi event" and so on, a series of negative news, now in the public opinion level mentioned Baidu, some quite indignant feeling. So that in recent years has gradually formed a kind of almost black Baidu is politically correct argument.

from the data point of view, Baidu is not optimistic.

October 28, 2016, Baidu announced the 2016 quarter of fiscal year third unaudited financial results. From the data report, Baidu’s total revenue growth continued to slow down 0.7% year on year, a record low, and since the listing of the first negative growth". Network revenue accounted for 16 billion 470 million yuan, down by 6.7%, the same negative growth for the first time.


Q3 after the earnings release although the stock price rise, the market capitalization of $60 billion 728 million, but compared with the saying "BAT" of the Alibaba and the Tencent $260 billion 659 million market capitalization of $255 billion 867 million, market capitalization has only Ali 1/4 of Tencent, from the market point of view, Baidu may fall out of the "BAT" queue.



looking back, Baidu since its establishment in 2000 17 years, quite some xianyanghouyi, the ups and downs of meaning — it had after all had in 2005 after the listing of a company China one-day record, and in 2011 with $46 billion in one fell swoop over the Tencent, the first Internet Co won the glorious moment China.

based on the product level, this

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