The world’s most profitable blogger in 2014

today, many people use the blog, every blog interaction, either online experience sharing or a way of life, the blogosphere is competitive, but no one knows the blog can also have a huge income. Here are the world’s most profitable bloggers in 2014.

1, Mike (Michael Arrington)


Techcrunch, the founder of Arrington, America’s most influential technology blog, Michael, who worked as an editor at the Silicon Valley TechCrunch website, wrote his blog as the most influential technology blog.

Revenue: $500 thousand to $800 thousand per month

was born: March 13, 1970, California,

Education: Stanford University law school (1995), Clement Institute of (1992), University of California at Berkeley.

2, Peter (Pete Cashmore)


Mashable is one of the world’s largest social media information websites. Cashmore, only 19 years old in 2005 at home in Scotland, founded the Mashable. It is estimated that the site’s monthly page views of more than 30 million, more than the AOL acquired by TechCrunch. He is also one of the founders of the world’s top ten technology blog, covering the technology, business, social media, entertainment, life, etc.. Is also the most influential reading digital and social media, covering technical news.

Revenue: $560 thousand to $600 thousand per month.

born: September 18, 1985, Scotland, uk. Nationality USA.

Education: Banchory College

3, Mario · Lavanderia (Mario, ‘Perez Hilton’) pseudonym: Peres ·


was born in March 23, 1978 in Florida, the famous American gossip king. Hollywood any star scandal, he is not involved in the report is suspected. Its blog was named "Hollywood’s most hated website".

relevant information: Hilton’s blog mainly by him alone to take care of, in a cafe on the Sunset Strip, only sister Barbara as assistant. He said his blog created a new entertainment commentary: emphasize the subjective, advocating freedom, complete with personal preferences to comment on star. For example, he is the · of Vitoria; Beckham

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