Shanghai 6 billion online gambling case secret a year flowing to the outside of the 300 billion



6 billion online gambling case secret

in February 15th, with the Putuo court of a hammer ring, known as "the largest online gambling case in Shanghai" after six months of investigation, collect evidence after the dust settles. 20 suspects were sentenced to a fine of 11 million 630 thousand yuan, the principal Qian Baochun was sentenced to 5 years and fined 5 million yuan.

2006 to the beginning of June 3, 2008, two and a half years, the use of offshore gambling sites, gambling networks in the construction of Qian Baochun and partner, such as Zou Jun, and others, betting funds reached 6 billion. And this is only 6 billion, the police can accurately grasp the evidence of liquidity on a site. The accounts of the other two sites, due to the destruction of the terminal server or outside the reasons, no way to verify.

According to the

China lottery Research Center report issued in 2008, 300 billion yuan a year Chinese by Qian Baochun sweepstakes proxy gambling sites, went overseas.

Qian Baochun’s

in the eyes of outsiders, Qian Baochun is a successful businessman, foreign trade company vice-president, drove his BMW, Mrs. Mercedes Benz, friends of lavish dinners, shot is tens of thousands.

Qian Baochun was arrested for litigation, his company is just a "shelf", most of the money comes from his gambling network operations.

in early 2006, is still struggling for the business of Qian Baochun, in a bar, a friend introduced to the people of Malaysia, SONY". The money that SONY had asked him two questions "want to Zuozhuang? Would you like to be rich?" SONY mobilization him, if he Zuozhuang, casually can share hundreds of thousands, instantaneous, he was transferred to the appetite.

after several contacts, Qian Baochun began talks with SONY "line".

concluded by both parties in the game rules are as follows: pay a deposit, SONY Qian Baochun in the overseas well-known gambling sites "new treasure" (also known as the "crown") online opened a proxy account, according to the Qian Baochun casino address and password, login page in the country, and constantly soliciting gambling the development of offline.

offline is divided into the general agent, agent and member of the 3 levels, the general agent of the credit limit of 2 million, agent for the membership of the group was 100 thousand, the number of. Among them, the general agent and agent can develop offline, and enjoy the bonus, while members are betting. Shareholders assume security risk for them.

agreed, Qian Baochun remuneration is mainly divided into 3 parts, one part is offshore gambling companies pay monthly, about thousands of yuan, the other part is pumping into profit, 2 to 8 gambling companies, into their own left by him and the discretionary referral.

third is part of the "water money" (also known as the wash money), that is, in the week

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